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The story may sound vaguely familiar – “with few label options for a young DJ/producer, he releases a bootleg album. The album draws rave reviews in magazines and on websites all over the world, becoming an instant underground classic.” No, this isn’t the story of Danger Mouse; this is the story of Morgan Page – who, in 2006, released a compilation comprised of bootleg remixes of the likes of Coldplay, Imogen Heap, and Davie Bowie aptly titled, Cease and Desist.

What followed instead were not cease and desist letters but a slew of legitimate remix work by numerous major labels and a record deal from Nettwerk Music Group. Not a bad turn of events for a guy who produced his first track at age 14 while growing up in a log cabin in Vermont.

Fast-forward to the present and we find Morgan Page quickly becoming one the most sought after Remix Producers. His remixes for marquee artists (Angie Stone, Delerium, Stevie Nicks, Nelly Furtado and more) consistently land at the top of the Billboard Club Play charts, including three number one hits in 2006 alone.

And now, if his current release Elevate, and his current single, The Longest Road, are any indication, Morgan Page seems well on his way to mastering the craft of creating original club hits. After its release, The Longest Road, quickly shot up the Billboard Club charts and found its place in the Top 5 alongside Madonna and Snoop Dogg. As a top seller on iTunes’ Dance chart and after spending 3 weeks as the #1 seller on Beatport’s Progressive chart, the song was quickly sought out for inclusion on a number of renowned compilations including Ministry of Sound: Sessions and the venerated Global Gathering series by Godskitchen.

Page’s album Elevate –comprised of 4 original productions and 8 remixes - is more than a collection of singles. He has been able to blend Elevate into one complete work, showcasing his dexterity as a producer. Songs, encompassing an array of styles, are sequenced to form a continuity that seems as if they were all created with this one project in mind. “I see this album as something that DJs will appreciate and something that all fans of electronic music will enjoy experiencing from start to finish,” says Morgan when talking about his record.

Indeed, The Longest Road – which has been described as “House meets Nashville” – is becoming an instant classic.
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