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My Dear Disco

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mydeardisco: KZoo: Body Rock and more TONIGHT at the Strutt!


It will be all... http://bit.ly/7NMwv6
posted 6 years ago
mydeardisco: Hot new jamz in the works. http://bit.ly/7zQua5
posted 7 years ago
mydeardisco: RT @CaptainFerghetz: I hope My Dear Disco puts out a new album this year. I will buy the shit out of it #THESHITOUTOFIT
posted 7 years ago
mydeardisco: Thanks to all who came out last night at Concordia College, and also all the other great bands we played with! It... http://bit.ly/6DfCyn
posted 7 years ago
mydeardisco: MINNESOTA HERE WE COME! http://bit.ly/7XVmzJ
posted 7 years ago
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Outside their university music school’s studied classroom walls, after the textbooks had been closed for the night, a small group of students would come together for late-night electro-dance parties. In the ceremonial musk of their college house basement, the cerebral sounds of Miles Davis, Alice Coltrane, and Sun Ra faded into the pulsing beats of Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, and Justice. As their friendships and passion for 4-on-the-floor house beats grew, those parties morphed into the band known today as My Dear Disco.

Their first public performance was during the summer of 2006 in a medieval castle at a film festival in the Czech Republic. When they came back, they decided to give this new project a name, and hence “My Dear Disco” was born. They started playing regionally, hectically fitting shows in the cracks of their class schedules. By the time they hit graduation in April 2008, the band was catching on so quickly that they began touring full-time.

On stage, enigmatic lead singer Michelle Chamuel vocodes, harmonizes, manipulates, and effects her voice with a homemade key-tar, sings in English and French, and belts through a megaphone half her size. Mad scienti... (+) expand
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Beelzebelle (level 10) wrote:
Used all my hearts on you fabulous people...
You'd better be damn grateful... :-)
I absolutely love you music!
Keep on keepin' on.
7 years ago
gaiaburzul (level 3) wrote:
7 years ago
groovesalad101 (level 1) wrote:
I saw mdd at moedown and they kicked ass, even with crazy drunk painter dude breakin glass and dancin on the stage. got my shirt and cd there :)
7 years ago
dannydelsol (level 4) wrote:
can i just say, i heard "My Dear Disco" on the Melrose Place promo and pretty much fell in love right then and there. I'll be buying the CD! :) awesome, awesome music.
7 years ago
inthemoonlight (level 1) wrote:
Love you lots! Already bought the CD from you guys, just wanted to download them in Mp3 format!
7 years ago
JohnnyC (level 2) wrote:
"Amsterdam" kind of sounds like a hyperspeed dance-music version of The Organ or something. A lot more herky-jerky than that band but quite catchy and moody.
7 years ago
BLKIllusionist (level 4) wrote:
Getting people to dance in 7? Congrats!
7 years ago
Yellowbird wrote:
Brilliant! So into it.
7 years ago
vocal2010 (level 1) wrote:
I actually fell in love these guys yesterday at World Cafe Live in Philly. It was my first time hearing them. This band is amazing. I had actually gone to the cafe to see another artist downstairs. So after that show was over i heard them playing upstairs and went to check it out. At the time they were playing All I Do, and i have to say their randition of that classic Stevie Wonder song is excellent!!
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
White Lies ... very cool stuff happenin' here - love the seamless blending of styles/genres [electronica,pop,adult contemporary, alternative, rock] - sounds natural coming from you folks

great work ...

7 years ago
jasonlovesmusic (level 10) wrote:
Phenomenal energy!
7 years ago
AlexHreplied (level 15) wrote:
These guys are always out on tour! Go see them live you will not regret it!
7 years ago
monodog (level 14) wrote:
GREAT! Please upload more :)
7 years ago
katcomix (level 1) wrote:
A friend led me to this page with a link, and I am thankful now!
You guys have great music!
7 years ago
175160 (level 6) wrote:
don't u hate when people just don't appreciate your music... and just act like some kind of sophisticated jerk off.... rock out my dear disco... its great music and its rawking across the nation! :D great beat and sweet jams :D
7 years ago
lovellralph (level 29) wrote:
Great stuff. Why classify yourselves as "Dance" though? It's restrictive and limiting. These songs in their creativity and musicianship transcend what people stereotype "dance" music to be. Is that the point?
7 years ago
Darling Parade wrote:
Nice to hear something new! Love all of your songs! You guys rock!
7 years ago
narancis (level 9) wrote:
makes me feel like Im in the 4th grade again....
7 years ago
7 years ago
stubbyt (level 13) wrote:
im dancing right now :)
7 years ago