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San Francisco, CA

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"My First Earthquake has instantly jumped to the front of my playlist and has the talent and emotional mix to remain in the top spot. I could not recommend picking up this album with any more insistence. It’s not a question of if they will be a break-out success, but when." –College News

"My First Earthquake's bold, synth-riddled indie pop, rooted in Mates of State's angularity and Of Montreal's multi-instrumental jumpiness, places them in the same musical territory as the Kills, the Sounds, and the Blow. " –allmusic

"On their new album 'Downstairs' My First Earthquake capture the sheer likeability of Metric, the sassy cheek of Blondie and the raving pop of New Young Pony Club, infusing their tunes with more savvy than an Harvard lawyer and the edginess of afternoon tea with the Taliban."–The Devil Has The Best Tuna

"With its catchy dance rhythm, organ melody, driving bass, and infectious vocals, one can’t help but get out their seat and shake it a little (or a lot). The whole album [Downstairs] treks across the landscape of tight-synth induced dance pop, making a promise out of the four musicians abilities as a group." –The Bay Bridged

5 reasons to listen to My First Earthquake

1. We are the cutest band [see cute photo] that will ever sing about the following: cannibalism, pedophilia, rainbow parties, and soup.

2. We were brought together in the wake of a natural disaster. Like Captain Planet.

3. Not to brag, but we're pretty sure our first EP, Tremors, can be credited with at least one conception.

4. Looks like puppies talking smack.

5. Sounds like Debbie Harry and Devo doin' it in the back of a Dodge Dart.
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