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I am just like you…I am Nobody Famous.

Some people spend their entire life trying to be something they are not. Others were put here for a reason, but do not know what that reason is. But when a person finds themselves and knows their purpose, a beautiful thing takes place.

Through the centuries, billions of people have graced the face of the earth, lived an everyday life and were just regular people or Nobody Famous. When you take certain traits from each of these individuals you get the blueprint of genius. When the blueprint is constructed into a tangible form, genius is conceived.

In December of 1982, genius was conceived. This blueprint was constructed by God and placed on this earth to change the face of an element, which contrary to scientific belief is essential to our very existence. This element is music. The musical expressions that Nobody Famous composes are essential to the future of hip-hop, the future of music and the future of life. Some people may not understand the movement, but that is understandable, this is God’s plan. Some people may even attempt it diffuse the movement, but it will stand, because it is God’s plan.

So ask yourself, will your stand for or against the movement? Will you try to stop God’s plan or will you help facilitate it? This is the movement of music; I am doing this for people just like you. I am just like you… NOBODY FAMOUS

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