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no pussy for old men

rock and country     17 listeners


1. Irramatur
2. Prpl
3. zebraku...
4. gregsdu...
5. mathman...


1. DZ
2. mathman...
3. ratatoskr
4. zeek
5. saitam
new songs/better recordings coming....soon???
posted 6 years ago
if you want the full experience, listen to fifties on nice speakers or in headphones. the bass doesn't come out at all with laptop type speaks.
posted 7 years ago
tri group that needs to focus

music we like:

shoe gaze
art school punk
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Irramatur (level 19) wrote:
great pics! I was loling earlier
6 years ago
Irramatur (level 19) wrote:
Damn! I guess its true what people say: "the only way to advance to level 2 on the sixty one is to make political music, especially if it promotes activism to stop the forced sodomy of felines by senior citizens." My mom used to say that all the time when I was growing up and now I finally get it. You guys can count one more soldier in your war against this horrifying practice. Keep up the good work! Myself and Linear Ambush support you.
7 years ago
N'Nami Zaka wrote:
we could try that, do they take off the street performers?

we need a rec sesh so bad it hurts.
7 years ago
Bad Behavior wrote:
so, does the hardest workin band in EL feel like puttin some work in this week? maybe contact mac's bar or somesing?
7 years ago
Bad Behavior wrote:
we need to get back in the studio/practice room/cellar that abuts the shit room
7 years ago
nihilistparty (level 4) wrote:
we need a bone thrown in the work shown.
7 years ago
zebrakult44 (level 9) wrote:
we're better than this boys
7 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
I actually like how it sounds homemade. Gives it a nice rough feel thats just enough. Here's another very expensive bump for kraut.
7 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
Very true. But you made The0ldMan very sad. :'(

Hope to hear more guys. Kraut is my favorite so far.
7 years ago
crap wrote:
This website wont let me upload any songs. Until this is fixed, you will receive no bumps!
7 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
Not bad. Name is iffy though.
7 years ago
N'Nami Zaka wrote:
but why old man?
7 years ago
The0ldMan (level 13) wrote:
This song makes me sad.

7 years ago