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Northern Room

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Our newest single, "Blacklight," will be available on iTunes and Amazon.com around the first week of November. Until then, it is available now at AmieStreet.com: http://amiestreet.com/artist/northern-room/

Check out Northern Room's newest song at t61, a live acoustic version of Last Embrace! It was recorded in an intimate "acoustic" (Northern Room always has at least one keyboard around) coffee shop performance, in front of a live audience.

Northern Room's full-length CD, Last Embrace - Deluxe Edition, can be purchased at Amazon.com or at NorthernRoom.com

Visit our official fan messageboard, Center of the Century!
posted 7 years ago
Northern Room creates uplifting atmospheric rock, featuring strong vocals blended with layers of instrumentation.

Formed in the Autumn on 2004 by Andrew Jonathan, Michael Morgan, and brothers Micah and Tony Olla, the quartet were inspired by such diverse genres as shoegaze, new wave, power pop, and indie-rock. Combining a layered instrumental foundation with driving rhythms and melodic vocals, Northern Room spent the next six months crafting their unique sound. Then, in the Spring of 2005, they fled their home state of Wisconsin and recorded the Last Embrace EP in Nashville, Tennessee.

This first official recording, released independently in the United States in February of 2006, includes the dreamy Galaxy, the haunting This Wreckage, and the electronic-flavored Last Embrace. In January of 2007, Northern Room returned to the studio to record an additional four songs which were independently released as the Only Seconds EP, including the atmospheric Stars of God and the driving rock hit We're On Fire. In April of 2007, Japanese label BM.3 Records released the contents of both EPs as a full-length album -- titled Last Embrace -- in Japan.

In late 2007, Northern Room combined th... (+) expand
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whitleybug (level 7) wrote:
Love the music! Waiting is probably my most played song on T61. Can't wait to hear more from you guys! :^)
6 years ago
LMMS (level 30) wrote:
Very nice! Haven't been here in a LONG time, but am delighted that I found you upon my return. My first bump in more than a year goes to you!
6 years ago
troyi (level 12) wrote:
i would love to see AJ play a mix of NR / jacobstone songs live
6 years ago
dusanvf (level 26) wrote:
I love your music, it's so sad that you're not together anymore. Hope to see you reunite some day!.
6 years ago
recoveco (level 16) wrote:
They have some kind of similarity with Journey...
7 years ago
livewire516 (level 5) wrote:
Is there any chance I could get the instrumental track of your "We're On Fire" remix? I would love to do a mashup featuring your track. I have no intention of making a profit; it's just a hobby of mine.
Thanks so much
7 years ago
sarabara (level 32) wrote:
Summer is going to be boring without all of your concerts :(
7 years ago
Gratefulhume (level 12) wrote:
you guys were very, very good. I'm sure I speak for everyone on 61 here - please get back together and continue doing what you do best. This is high quality stuff and deserves to spread over the air.
7 years ago
theKey wrote:
Hey guys, I though you'd like to know that listening to these awesome tracks led our members to each purchase your album! Great work guys, let us know if you come anywhere in Georgia, we'd love to be there!
7 years ago
Futurpaychck (level 8) wrote:
Also.. Aleatoric from 2 comments ago had the right idea.
7 years ago
Futurpaychck (level 8) wrote:
You guys are awesome.. are you ever around Mass?
7 years ago
yardbird (level 41) wrote:
Just visited your web site to purchase a CD and was stunned by the news that the band has broken up. (The subject of the cryptic comments below by TempleScene and lankysob.) You guys make fantastic music, and it is a real loss not to be able to look forward to anything new. I wish each of you the very best.
7 years ago
aleatoric (level 11) wrote:
I first listened to We're on Fire for the first time about half an hour ago and the song has been on repeat since! Just stopping by to say that I love your music and I'll be recommending it to all of my friends. I am not sure what people below this message are referring to but I hope that all is well and I wish you best of luck for the future.
7 years ago
lankysob (level 40) wrote:
I've had your album on repeat for days on end. Sorry to hear the bad news, as I was looking forward to another album in the future. Good luck with everything.
7 years ago
Temple Scene wrote:
sorry to hear the news...
7 years ago
hmunkey (level 41) wrote:
i like this
buying from itunes
7 years ago
A City Alive wrote:
Thanks for the welcome. Your music is amazing!


7 years ago
mwalex (level 15) wrote:
This Wreckage is amazing!!
7 years ago
LFriesen (level 23) wrote:
You guys can really rock... (We're On Fire), and yet your music is so calming and peaceful too (This Wreckage)!

You guys are the best thing to happen to thesixtyone!
You also remind me of a band called "MuteMath"... :)

7 years ago
SpeedThrills (level 33) wrote:
Where have I been????
Great tunes guys!
I just found Dutch Radio and am on the 2nd listen...more to go!
7 years ago