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Parker House and Theory

rock and reggae     1279 listeners


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Check out our new video! we're silly.
posted 7 years ago
New Shows just added. We'll be in Chi-town twice in one week! Check it out!

posted 7 years ago
Also, PHT is going on tour again. We're coming back to the Midwest. We love you, midwest. Check out upcoming shows.

posted 7 years ago
Hey All,

We've been absent for a little while. But we're back. And we have a new song for you. Just added: Love Pt. 2 Demo. Take a listen. Enjoy.

posted 7 years ago
WE'VE REACHED LEVEL 15! Thank you all for your support and keep on listening!

posted 7 years ago
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Boston based Parker House and Theory, winner of the Boston Music Award for ‘Best Live Act’ mash rock, funk, pop and soul that oozes with energy and charisma. The five members, who come from diverse backgrounds all met at Emerson College. Marcos (Drummer) came from Puerto Rico and Andy (Harmonica, Keys, Vocals) from Costa Rica. Eric-jon (Vocals, Guitar) and Colin (Bass) came from New Hampshire and Rhode Island respectively. Parker House began playing gigs together at the nearest Starbucks. They played weekly for $20 and free coffee (no frozen drinks were allowed, only coffee). Playing shows anywhere they could, they eventually started making some noise in Boston. Although with out a vehicle they had to walk their gear from their dorms to area venues using Emerson College laundry bins. They eventually bought a van and hit the road. Thanks to incessant touring, Parker House has generated a grassroots buzz on a mission to spread their musical seed far and wide.

This year they toured with O.A.R. and shared the stage with Robert Randolph, Jack's Mannequin, Jurassic 5, 311, G. Love and Special Sauce, The Wailers, Dropkick Murphy’s, John Butler Trio, Everclear and State Radio while tou... (+) expand
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mikelietz (level 33) wrote:
You should come back and give us some more music.
1 year ago
Yevette (level 22) wrote:
Wild Jbabe, WooHooo!!
I Love All Your Music, Thank You Guys!! :)
7 years ago
mirelaphat (level 23) wrote:
gone= awesome song : )
7 years ago
Grumblecake (level 14) wrote:
Oh hi~

-Moochi (aka Dave Morton from NH)
7 years ago
Yevette (level 22) wrote:
OMG, Love, Love, Love it!
You write Great Love Love when you drunk, WooHooo!!
I slept in for way too long, Sweet, Whoa!!
Wonderful Style changes here too, Loves it, TY Guys :)
7 years ago
BeerdedGentlemen (level 25) wrote:
PH&T-; I dig the Love Pt. 2 demo (as well as the acoustic, of course). If you're still looking for a name for this-- what about the name of a street? A shout out to the apartment where it all took place type thing... Places are always a good thing for a name anyways, except for people... Never play cards with someone who has a city as a first name.
Heart- Beerd
PS- Play shows in the south.
7 years ago
renecop545 (level 16) wrote:
7 years ago
zenlunch (level 31) wrote:
I just happen to be heading to Chi-town this weekend and I definitely plan to see you fellas at the Pub. Totally stoked to see you play live!
7 years ago
Serin (level 42) wrote:
You guys are playing in MO...come visit Oklahoma sometime! We're right next door and pretty friendly. :)
7 years ago
griffin (level 27) wrote:
Had a great time listening to you guys in Lee's Summit, MO last night. Keep the faith and keep that music coming!
7 years ago
marxcletus (level 23) wrote:
sweet vibes, keep on
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Great music! "Love " is a very good song!
7 years ago
deSalire (level 33) wrote:
yay always so happy to see more Parker House and Theory. I've been gone for months... this is joy!
7 years ago
eujc21 (level 12) wrote:
LOVE pt.2 suggestion.....hmmmm "Swayed"
7 years ago
livingforthecity (level 12) wrote:
cant stop listening to "Gone" !
7 years ago
livingforthecity (level 12) wrote:
Enjoying your music in Tallahassee, Florida!
7 years ago
Serin (level 42) wrote:
I am? Rock!

Also, I'm hoping that "Soon" means you'll be releasing a new album soon. :) Automatic Stranger has made my long commute so much more enjoyable.
7 years ago
eskimodragon13 (level 33) wrote:
Your wiki page is freakin hiliarious.

Other Orlando venues
The Social, jimmy buffet's margaritaville, the plaza theatre, club firestone, Hard Rock Live, House of Blues, Amway Arena, UCF Arena (hot college chicks and my alma mater)
7 years ago
sageandroid (level 12) wrote:

Keep up the good work guys, love the music.

Thank you for the message.

To answer your questions, I first heard about you guys hear in T61.

I live in Southern California.

Your album is definately on my list of things to buy.
8 years ago
mattynabib (level 39) wrote:
EXCELLENT news on the Paradise show! I am going to plan to be there and bring 100 of my closest friends. Thanks for your presence here on T61 - I'd never have found you otherwise!
8 years ago