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Patient zero," in medical terminology, is a term that is given to the first person that contracts a disease or is the first to undergo a new treatment. patientZero feels they are the first to introduce their unique style of music and hopes to spread it like an epidemic.

patientZero was born in 2003 when vocalist/guitarist Chris Sarvak started the band in college. A couple line-ups have come and gone but finally the core has been set. In 2004, Chris met up with Aaron Northcutt while they were both teachers at a local music store. They had an instant rapport and realized they had the same goals within the music business.

pZ takes an alternative/progressive/groove/indie rock approach with their music in the spirit of Muse, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Incubus, Zappa, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers which all mesh with a more melodic edge that is all their own.

Hitting the ground running in 2003, patientZero has been active in the Cincinnati scene and abroad. They have played a variety of festivals, including the M.E.A.N.Y Guitar Festival in New York City, the Rock and Ride Music Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, and the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati. The band has also had the pleasure of being featured at Music Hall for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as well as being featured on the UPN Television Network, local T.V. band showcase City Nights, and most recently on Cincinnati’s FOX network station playing live!

Some other career highlights include (but are not limited to):

Nominated for Best New Artist in Cincinnati by Citybeat Magazine (2004)
Been played on 233 college radio stations in support of their first EP with TinderboX music promotion.
They were also played on 200+ college radio stations for 2 months for their first full-length album “Seemingly So.”
Favorable radio results all over the country especially in, New York, North Carolina, Boston, and Denver on both college radio campaigns.
The band has also received many favorable reviews with their press campaign for “Seemingly So.”
They are currently on another college radio campaign with TinderboX Music for their second full-length album called “Inflatable Ape Nation” recorded by Duane Lundy of Shangri-La Productions.
Opening up for national acts like The Gin Blossoms and Blessid Union of Souls
Playing on Cincinnati’s FOX morning show.
Playing on the UPN network
The new album “Inflatable Ape Nation” rated number 10 on the CMJ top 20 ADDS charts in the month of December (CMJ NMR Issue 991).
With the release of their second full-length cd, “Inflatable Ape Nation” in November of 2006, and with the promotion/management/publicity team of Fly on the Wall Media and TinderboX music, the future is diagnosed to be widely infected with patientZero, with no cure in sight. Soon after being released in November, the new album “Inflatable Ape Nation” rated number 10 on the CMJ top 20 ADDS chart in the month of December (CMJ NMR Issue 991)! They have also recently added long-time friend, Aaron Farrier, as the new drummer/percussionist, which has solidified the patientZero dream, and their drive has been once more renewed.
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