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Dublin, Ireland,

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"Sleepless Street", the new and insanely beautiful second album from Peter Doran is available now from itunes , and also here on

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Peter Doran was born a quarter of a century ago, the exact circumstances of his birth are somewhat clouded and have almost certainly been distorted and exaggerated with the passing of time. His father was a travelling psychic, his dear old Mother a concert pianist with somewhat paranoid tendencies and an irrational fear of Russian literature.

At some point in Peter's formative years he happened upon the electric guitar and instantly fell in love. The feel, the sound, the look, the lot. For many years he practised tirelessly, determined to play very very fast. Over time he mellowed, and became less and less interested in the speed of the notes, but in their character instead. This he decided was where the magic lay.

Peter began to write songs in his mid-teens and continues to do so to the present day. Peter Doran has thus far released one album ("Wood") and a new one is in the pipe-line.

When not working on music, Peter can most often be found climbing trees, shoeing horses, fixing wagons or cultivating carrots in wine bottles... His music is loved around the world and can be found on itunes or at the following internet homes:



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