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Discovered by thecolts and commented0 times
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Discovered by pianolove and commented0 times
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SunSparc (level 27) wrote:
Hi, looks like we might be in different time zones. I was still sleeping when you were hunting me. Sorry about that!
2 days ago
Jon Wolter wrote:
Thank you very much for the 4 hearts for Brand New Day!
3 days ago
Crotalus (level 31) wrote:
#1646 - libbie schrader - Alive. Quickie-lunch between volunteer shifts and the wine festival. Great day so far!
5 days ago
Wingman (level 36) wrote:
RB#1629: Santaolalla - Baoba Stereo Club

This is probably my 30th bump in the last few days. I'm a stealth bump ninja!
11 days ago
dolphin (level 39) wrote:
Rb 1620 Chocolate Hearts
Lindsay Rae Spurlock
11 days ago
dolphin (level 39) wrote:
Your radio is playing a good Song:

History - Jason Silver

have a nice Evening!
13 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1611 - Joshua James with "Coal War"

Hey there magic fingered and sweet voiced one. I believe you are 3 hours ahead of me. Just like an easterner to rush through the day. *sassy grin* We islanders like to take our time and pace ourselves - stop to admire the world around us - drink our frothy coffees and munch our healthy whatevers. *shaking my head* Thank for dropping by :-)
13 days ago
Wingman (level 36) wrote:
Yeah, and I failed to be on for your bounty. I always feel bad when that happens. =8(

RB#1609: Ordinary People - Dandelion Wine
15 days ago
hdsander (level 38) wrote:
1607 Built for the Sea (as I am) - Pacific (this ocean is missing in my list)

Have a great day!
20 days ago
Explicit wrote:
Hey PianoLove. Thanks for ur feedback on the track I most recently posted "Twisted". Appreciate ya!
20 days ago
Wingman (level 36) wrote:
Bounty Hunted!

RB#1591: Queen Green - Josh Geffin
22 days ago
zoeyz11 (level 25) wrote:
"Old Soul" RB #1590 and a bounty.
23 days ago
dolphin (level 39) wrote:
One more hunt!
# 1589 Sleepaway Rob Costlow
24 days ago
dolphin (level 39) wrote:
Hi pianolove,
# 1588
Motel Jason Silver
24 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1585 - Manchester Orchestra with "I Can Feel A Hot One"
26 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1584 - William Hollifield with "Butterflies"

Hello man with the sweet voice. I swear angels stop all movement when they hear you.
26 days ago
ManuRaanana (level 35) wrote:
I'm an happy bounty!
RB 1583 Santa Baby - Simone
26 days ago
PaulRutherfordNZ (level 31) wrote:
* @JayNudd was 'Born & Raised' to sing (he wasn't the only one! Not me..)
* @Fanfarlo takes us to the 'Finish Line' (and it sounds so good there!)
27 days ago
planigan (level 28) wrote:
RB 1576 - Joe Purdy - Why Do I.

Glad you caught me :-)

I've been really passive on T61 lately. Picked up a new freelance client that is kind of a pain, but at least my bank account is going the right direction now.
29 days ago
seelyj (level 42) wrote:
If you're still hunting, I'm here! :-)
1 month ago