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gingerbelle (level 33) wrote:
Hi, sorry I wasn't on earlier! I was just checking in real quick, but will leave this on while I'm out for a bit. Hope you're able to grab the bounty.
1 day ago
SunSparc (level 27) wrote:
Hunted!!! I am glad I could catch you on today. Hopefully I will be on next time you have me. :)
2 days ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
I think I can top that one Jason...about a week ago I was having trouble logging into an account & it took me about 10 minutes to realize I had misspelled my own last name... haha!

In the AM - Laura Cheadle
3 days ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
Haha!...wish all problems here & elsewhere were solved so quickly!... maybe you could post the solution on the forum in case someone else runs into the same problem

Save Me - The Glass Child
3 days ago
LEXZ1 (level 41) wrote:
"Hummingbird" 1687

Thank you for the hearts for "Amontillado Walls" (with Bret Alexander). - Lex -
4 days ago
scrivenj (level 35) wrote:
Thankfully my second bounty of the day was easier. Thanks for being reliable @pianolove! #1686
4 days ago
terpgirl (level 24) wrote:
#1684 "Lose Yourself in a Bittersweet Symphony"

Sorry you missed me last week while hunting! I've been intermittent recently. Hope you are doing well!
5 days ago
LEXZ1 (level 41) wrote:
"Old Soul" 1683 - Lex -
9 days ago
davewild (level 45) wrote:
#1682 is "Lovesick Mistake" by Erin McCarley
11 days ago
missouterspace (level 13) wrote:
Thanks :-)
18 days ago
lumbre (level 22) wrote:
#1676 The Heyday - Lost With You
18 days ago
va7sdf (level 28) wrote:
RB #1675 "Porcelain" by Sleeping At Last
19 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1659 - The Mines with "Atlantis"

Nice tune.
23 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1658 - Jesse Tyler with "Young Like the Worry"

What a curious title. :-) Good to have you drop by, youngster.
23 days ago
madcat8 (level 45) wrote:
Happy Anniversary, Jason!

Can This Be - The Autumn Film
27 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1656 - Alexi Murdoch with "Orange Sky"

Ohhh, I love orange skies, and pink ones as well.
28 days ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
#1649 - Witness with "Sunburn"

Hello and a belated Happy Anniversary. I trust your trip went well and you found plenty to laugh about and talk over and just enjoyed being together. Btw, aging is unavoidable unless you check out of this life and I don't really feel that is a choice way to stop that process. I feel the important part is that we age with grace, dignity and with our integrity intact. Also helps to continue to hone one's wisdom and, of course, a great sense of humor. *hugs*
1 month ago
SunSparc (level 27) wrote:
Hi, looks like we might be in different time zones. I was still sleeping when you were hunting me. Sorry about that!
1 month ago
Jon Wolter wrote:
Thank you very much for the 4 hearts for Brand New Day!
1 month ago
Crotalus (level 31) wrote:
#1646 - libbie schrader - Alive. Quickie-lunch between volunteer shifts and the wine festival. Great day so far!
1 month ago