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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Psychic Stunts

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Psychic Stunts, the Swedish pop duo, are now releasing the new full length album Panic in Motion, described as an orgie of choruses and drums. The self-divulging nature of the lyrics describes the reality of life as a confused young man in an urban jungle exploring alcohol, dance and of course, sex.

Psychic Stunts' live gigs have established a tradition of always containing a new kind of sing-a-long routine. The band members have dressed up as karaoke bounce-balls, held keynotes on old school overhead projectors and at several gigs live audience participation has been recorded, mixed and burned to a takeaway-CD. Some gigs have also produced DIY-kits for audiences to make their own home-burned Psychic Stunts albums.

1. I Don't Have Facebook
2. Wind Up the Sound
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betti (level 2) wrote:
3 months ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Get back to where you once uploaded.
1 year ago
natlanticstorm (level 30) wrote:
One of the bands I continued to listen to even after T61 disappeared. Speakers Block is still a favorite
1 year ago
gottabekd (level 4) wrote:
haha, same here, Speaker's Block on repeat, this song is awesome! you guys rock!
7 years ago
Drajax (level 21) wrote:
I have to send so much love to these guys, I've had Speakers block on repeat for a little while now. Quick question, How long would it take to arrive in Canada if I ordered your CD. I have a thing for tangible purchases I can hold in my hands....and I want to support you. Plus the CD Case is a designers dream :)
7 years ago
L.A.M. Productions wrote:
Very kool mix, like the beat...vocals
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Another good one!
7 years ago
nitrolinken (level 32) wrote:
I suddenly found myself singing to AM Video while peeking around on reddit.

Awesome! :D
7 years ago
BVB (level 28) wrote:
That album (Panic in Motion) was truly brilliant. One fo the best I bought in 2009. Some of these songs would be good with a dance remix.
7 years ago
Kiesza wrote:
I think you guys are amazing! Love Speakers Blog.

I'm new to The Sixty One! You can check out my stuff at:



7 years ago
Rufasevach (level 16) wrote:
the sickest pop duo out, swedish or otherwise.
7 years ago
addyp (level 5) wrote:
ridiculously kickass. you guys rock!
7 years ago
mlapaglia (level 21) wrote:
Catchy tunes!
7 years ago
davidgiddings (level 25) wrote:
max hearted you boys. love your sound.
7 years ago
taylor900 (level 1) wrote:
when i was a tiny kid my dad took us to see uri geller .. i remember he fixed a whole tray of broken watches from the audience.. made them work again..i got to hold the tray..it was pretty rad
7 years ago
Woodstock99 (level 6) wrote:
tribal pop sound! love it
7 years ago
dreamdream (level 26) wrote:
Cool sounds! Wish I could max heart all of them, but I'm running out hearts! Thanks for the uploads! =D
7 years ago
sf49rox (level 41) wrote:
I enjoyed Wind Up the Sound. Thank you for sharing.
7 years ago
KingKenneh (level 16) wrote:
High school chemistry, Is just wow.. Reminds me of old days.
7 years ago
JF (level 24) wrote:
"Wind Up the Sound." It does it for me. Cheers....JF
7 years ago