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Los Angeles, CA

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Based in Los Angeles, California Ray Speakmoore began his first major production on the album The Way We Live: A Hip Hop Odyssey. The Way We Live: A Hip Hop Odyssey showcased Ray Speakmoore as a producer in collaboration with various talented artists and Emcees where he also delivered his smashing poetics on tracks like The Way We Live, Here I Am, and El Rey. Currently Ray Speakmoore is focused on his solo debut "Black Presidents White Rappers" as the lead Emcee. Rhythm, soul, and high energy are the driving forces of his craft, and he is crossing the lines of Hip Hops stereotypes to deliver a fresh sound that is simply music, including live instruments and lyricism.

Ray Speakmoore has performed for many regions in Los Angeles, and he also has a following in LA’s sister city San Diego, California. Some of the acts Ray Speakmoore has opened for include Pigeon John, Dj Quick, Balance and The Traveling Sounds, Dead Prez, Colored Folk, The Outlawz, and Kurupt amongst others. Ray Speakmoore has tremendous presence, with powerful delivery, and insightful lyrics that are revealed in the soul of the music and crafty wordplay within.

Ray Speakmoore began writing poetry at the age of seven then at age sixteen merged his passion for poetry and Hip Hop music. Ray Speakmoore’s first venture to write rap began after his emersion in freestyle sessions where he would provide a beatbox to give a heart beat for the emcee. His interest in beatbox started with the exposure to the artist Rahzel, which later developed into a niche as a double threat producer/emcee. Ray Speakmoore honed his musical abilities during his college career and also joined up with many other talented individuals as a result. Ray Speakmoore’s influences range from Mos Def and Krs-One, to rock icons like Pink Floyd and Rage Against the Machine. This blend of styles bleeds into the aesthetic of his music that is embellished with both Hip Hop and Rock elements.
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