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Seattle, WA

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Revolution Void is a music project started by Jonah Dempcy in 1996. Spanning electronic music genres and incorporating jazz and funk as well as avant-garde, dancefloor-friendly beats as well as experimentalism. Matt Borghi, in his AllMusic review, described the 2004 Revolution Void recording Increase the Dosage as "eclectic... and certainly rewards the listener with a palette for new and intriguing sound." Recent Revolution Void releases include the double album Let 1000 Flowers Bloom, released in the summer of 2011. It spans 100 minutes of music and defies genre categorization, or rather, encourages a multitude of categories, moving freely between house, broken-beat, downtempo, minimal techno, hiphop, jazz, film soundtracks and other influences. December 2011 saw the release of Invisible Walls on an EP with ambient mixes of 3 songs from Increase the Dosage. It's a short release offering atmospheric dubbed-out versions of the tracks sans drums.
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