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Burbank, CA

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We’re a band of deserters. Each of us comes from somewhere and something we’ve left behind; another band, another place, another life. This is where we are now, and in our music are the complex but organic echoes of times gone by; good, bad, disappointing, triumphant and… always, relentlessly, sincere.

Here are a few nice things that have been said about us…

“…Ellquist has never sounded more confident with that beguiling voice of hers, a voice not too distant from Hooverphonic’s Geike Arnaert or Olive’s Ruth-Ann Boyle.” (USA)

“This gal [Ellquist] has such a voice, and the song, “Wait a Minute Here” is gorgeous! The whole EP [Close Down the Woods] is really cool.”

~ Larry Little, Future Sounds (Live on Woxy – Episode #17)

“Sarah Ellquist’s powerful vocals put the icing on the cake of this talented indie rock act… a historic live performance in the IsGoodRadio studio.”

~Jon Hershfield, Is Good Music (USA)

“In case you didn’t know, “Wait a Minute Here” by Robotanists is amazing!”

~Will Benham, New and Used Records (USA)

“…Mesmerizing, hypnotic, engaging… ROBOTANISTS are just REALLY good!”
~ Lindsey Darden, Beat Crave (USA)

“The dualism implied in the name of the Los Angeles band Robotanists is no misnomer. The quartet, led by husband and wife Daniel de Blanke and Sarah Ellquist, thrives on toeing the line between nature’s fragility and the imperviousness of cold steel.”
~ Kyle lemmon, Ragged /Filter Magazine (USA)

“On their debut EP “Close Down the Woods,” Robotanists root around in the electro-noir explored by Mazzy Star and Portishead, with Ellquist’s sultry voice narrating the way through forays into the dark both metaphorical and literal. Their penchant for the atmospheric never becomes an overbearing aesthetic, though — you can take the title of one of their songs, “Subtlety Is Underrated,” seriously.”
~ Kevin Bronson, Buzz Bands (USA)

“BEST OF 2008: [Ellquist's] timeless voice is the venom that takes you under after you’ve let your guard down from the music underneath it. She sings from a place that isn’t just lost in most singers of today, it’s become completely uncharted and only the brave dare to venture there.”
~ OpinionHated (USA)

“”If Debbie Harry fronted Pink Floyd, you might have something like the Robotanists: moody, textured soundscapes with bright blonde melodies laced throughout.”
~ Rob Getzschman, (USA)

“BEST OF 2008: In such a bleak musical environment, [Robotanists’ EP] Close Down The Woods is a float for rescue. In just 36 minutes Sarah Ellquist’s angelic voice leads us to different acoustic spaces, whether it be orchestrated pop, jazz or straight up Rock and Roll… with such impeccable performances, it is clear that this the surprise album of the season.”
~ Idealno & Pragmaticno (Serbia – Translated)

“Un sonido maduro, un rock que viaja por distintos estilos sin perder la línea”
~ Fragments Soniques (Mexico)

“Their songs are Immediate and warm, closer to the gentler moments of Mogwai, the torch songs of Jeff Buckley and the ether-clouded melodies of Broadcast.”
~ OC Weekly (USA)

“A voice that ranges from Beth Gibbons to PJ Harvey, Ellquist’s vocals are both alluring and invigorating”
~ Music Connection Magazine (USA)

“@Robotanists sure make some sexy damn music. Ms. Ellquist is one wikked lil’ grrrl!” (USA)

“Ellquist sings sad but full, holding her own with the sonic melodies and supernova crescendos that are in the realm of Godspeed you Black Emperor, Sigur Rós and Glenn Branca.”
~ Res Magazine (USA)

“[Robotanists have] a mature sound, that travels through different styles without missing a beat, at times with dense atmospheres, retro moments, and many interesting arrangements, a little guitarrazo shoegaze, jazz, and an intense, sensual voice… [Close down the Woods is] the complete picture of a good band, premiering itself”
~ Fragments Soniques (Mexico – Translated)

…take a listen, and experience the whispers of our former lives, and know that artlessness is timeless.

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