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Rosie and Me

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posted 5 years ago
Starting as a happy accident of singer-songwriter Rosanne Machado releasing her homemade songs on the Internet, “Rosie and Me” has grown over the years into a successful five-piece act from Curitiba, Southern Brazil.

In 2010, comprised of Rosanne Machado (vocals/acoustic guitars/banjo), Guilherme Miranda (bass guitars), Ivan Camargo (acoustic guitars), Tiago Barbosa (drums/perc) and Thomas Kossar (electric guitars), the band released their critically acclaimed EP “Bird and Whale” and had their song “Darkest Horse” featured in the season finale of the top TV series “One Tree Hill” (8th season).

They're currently mentioned in more than 80 music blogs worldwide and gained dedicated listeners in several countries, which lead to an invitation to perform at 2012’s SXSW Music Festival.

Released in Jan, 2012, their full-length album, “Arrow of My Ways”, is a powerful follow-up to their debut EP and found "Rosie and Me" stepping into the world of alt-country and pop. Written and produced entirely by member Rosanne Machado, “Arrow of My Ways” blends heart-filled lyrics and pop country tunes that are certain to win both heart and ears instantly.

Learn more @ www.rosieandmemusic.com
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royestel wrote:
This is a beautiful song, through and through! Glad I discovered it!
1 year ago
aaronmc (level 32) wrote:
Wonderful songs. You should come back and post some more because T61 no longer sucks!
1 year ago
juninho (level 1) wrote:
lov u
7 years ago
WhiteAsh (level 25) wrote:
you're welcome!! =) that's a wonderful cover....
7 years ago
fspektor (level 3) wrote:
I think Come Back should be revived!
7 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
mwgore sent me here. i'll be back with some hearts tomorrow! :-)
7 years ago
goredl (level 12) wrote:
Of course! Love the track and had a chance to discover, so I took it!
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
you're more than welcome ...
7 years ago
GustavoMartins (level 9) wrote:
OMG! I thought only Reah Valente was the only brazilian that was kick a$$ here.
She is also from your state. Now I love you guys too!
Hearts by the dozen to you! I'm a listener already!
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
Come Back ... hats off to you for creating lovely music and better yet, for sharing it with the rest of us - beautiful voice delivered with simple grace

much respect
7 years ago
Reah Valente wrote:
Parabens pelo som!
Achei muito bom!

Voces sao do Parana?!
Eu tambem!
Escutem o meu som tambem!
Espero que gostem


7 years ago
rodrigobusta (level 20) wrote:
haha, não prefiro não, só mau costume por causa do site.
E opa, junho tá chegando aí, esperarei ansiosamente então.
7 years ago
rodrigobusta (level 20) wrote:
Olha o meu Brasil!
Your songs are great, feels good to know some fellow countrymen here.
And with so beautiful music!!
7 years ago
fepe (level 3) wrote:
8 years ago
DIGISOKICOLA (level 21) wrote:
You're very welcome! Your songs are very beautiful and have a nice voice.
8 years ago
madcat8 (level 46) wrote:
You're welcome!
Thanks for sharing your stuff here. Glad to hear there'll be more soon.
8 years ago
kevincobarno (level 44) wrote:
your music really pulls me in, i can really relate to the lyrics. please post more soon!
8 years ago
fiercekitti69 (level 28) wrote:
thank you so much for all the songs! you guys have such a lovely sound!
8 years ago
thnythe (level 13) wrote:
Thank you for the really great music! Very chill stuff.
8 years ago
ScottSimon75 (level 31) wrote:
You are very welcome. You have such a great sound. Please be encouraged by the interest that you have stirred on t61. Thank you for the music!!
8 years ago