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Fort Collins, CO

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My name is Ross Henderson,

I definitely fell down the rabbit hole with music a while back and its been a spiraling mess ever since! Listening to music definitely changes when you start creating music and producing songs. You begin to hear different things than you used to hear. Picking apart songs, one instrument at a time, trying to figure out why you can't get certain tunes out of your head. There's gotta be some secrets in here you think! But as i soon found out, with most things in life, the further you dig deeper, the less it all makes sense. For instance you could be playing music all day and It seems the "magic" melody usually comes the 7 seconds before you have to leave to dinner! who knows, maybe it's just musics got a great sense of humor.

So what I've come to accept is that music is not formulas or secrets or rules.... but just feelings. Everyone's got those songs that you've listened to 40 times over on repeat, and why is that? The answer is it doesn't matter! But what does matter is that the comfort, sorrow, laughter, or what ever it is, is a result of the shared expression through music.

So whether it's Mozart, John Lennon, Micheal Jackson, or the guy on 6th street, listen well and feel hard, cause music is a loyal friend that will never let you down...
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