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Chicago, IL

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At age five, Ryan Miller stepped up on the stage to perform a piano piece he had learned for the local church’s Christmas Event. The church was packed, over a hundred people were waiting to hear little Ryan work his fingers up and down the ivory. Ryan started playing and felt happy he was playing better than he practiced so many times before. Then as the chorus began to unfold, a finger slipped and an off note key was struck. Ryan turned to face the crowd, let out a huge grin, and said “oops”. The crowd roared in joyous laughter and Ryan continued on to finish the song flawlessly. He knew at that moment, he was born to be on stage.

After years of practice and playing piano, Ryan started expressing himself with other forms of art. Drawing, painting and sculpting consumed Ryan’s passion to show his true self and emotions. After winning several awards for these types of arts, Ryan moved on to writing and poetry. Eventually, the desire to play music and perform overcame him and he set his sights back on making music, this time with the guitar. Listening to The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and many, many others, Ryan began to study what it takes to write and play great music.

For the next 12 years, Ryan buried himself in his music. He used it as an outlet to express the chaos that was going on in his world. Love, loss, joy, hardship, friends enemies, and of course celebrations were all themes to his countless original songs. By building a strong following in Chicago, Ryan used this platform to play his music on stage, where he has always been most comfortable. This led to many great shows in venues across the country.

If you get the chance to listen to Ryan play, you will experience a storyteller like no other. Songs and melodies get hooked in your soul. You will be immersed in the feelings behind the music when Ryan sings about stories inspired by life. Ryan puts his heart on the notes that will carry you away. Enjoy!
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