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Nick Pagliari

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New album, Please and Thank You, out now on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!
posted 8 years ago
Nick Pagliari's got the twang of Nashville in his voice and the spirit of Memphis in his soul. It's a combination that makes his songs indelible snapshots of life ringing portraits of love, ambition, dreams, connections, and the rest of what matters.

And for Pagliari, what matters most is reaching people. "If there's something in one of my songs that makes somebody feel like it's about their life or an experience they've had, then I've done my job," he says.

He's done his job brilliantly on Please and Thank You, his second full-length CD. It follows 2007's EP Safe and Sound, whose title track was featured in the Hilary Swank movie P.S. I Love You, and that same year's The Sail album.

Please and Thank You broadens Pagliari's musical reach while displaying the storytelling prowess and the warm, personable vocal style that's always been at the heart of this young singer-songwriter's art.

"This is a people album," Pagliari explains. "It's about my life, the lives of my friends and the characters I've developed to tell different stories about struggle and romance and desire and change."

Change is especially important. It's a recurring theme, in tunes like "Leave It Alo... (+) expand
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mach (level 17) wrote:
thank you kind sir(s) for your beautiful music.
7 years ago
inkedpiscean (level 24) wrote:
ya know, i met my love online, am scared of flying and heights and water and still, flew across the ocean to meet and be with and now here we be. living in love, and married and in the states together. everybody should just go for what they want, scared or not just do it,,,,, do wot u love reminds me of this as well. : )
8 years ago
inkedpiscean (level 24) wrote:
love do wot u love.
great moral.
always makes me wanna go kiss my baby.
gonna go do it. lol
love the music and the voice. captivating. xx
8 years ago
CmdrWOLF (level 9) wrote:
Your songs ROCK man keep it up!
8 years ago
callummack (level 12) wrote:
wow, your the first artists i actually found on this site.

Mightily impressed!
8 years ago
Butty (level 8) wrote:
great voice dude
8 years ago
mandu (level 19) wrote:
Congrats on getting on the HOT homepage and rippin' it up!!!
8 years ago
Qball (level 36) wrote:
Nick...thank you for the free downloads...your growing fan base at t61 will spread the news of your great music.
8 years ago
forgottenprince (level 36) wrote:
Hey Nick, just dropping by to say that finding your music this morning was the highlight of my day! I'm psyched I found your stuff...
8 years ago
mandu (level 19) wrote:
You got it Nick! Good move coming on The Sixty One! You will really build your fan base well here. Good things are going to start happing for you. I'll get your CD review out on the boomersmusicreview.com this weekend some time. The article is coming along quite well. I'll probably call you or e-mail you soon with some touch-up questions. And I'll need to talk to you about photos and such. I'll get in touch with you in a few days. Keep up the great work. A lot of people have called me and told me how much they like your music. All the best - Rudy
8 years ago
sartan (level 35) wrote:
wow..great music! You're on a one way ticket to the homepage for sure.
8 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Heyas and welcome! Very much enjoying your music, thanks for sharing it here!
Here's some advice:
Let these three songs find listeners, fans and bumps before adding any more. That way the tracks don't compete with each other for bumps.
Don't be tempted to add more tracks right away when you reach the next level. But don't be tempted to delete any either!
Once one or two have reached the homepage and have given your music that extra exposure, gradually add one at a time.
Also, consider opening a listener account to figure out how the site works from the other side so to speak.
Enjoy and good luck!
8 years ago