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Variety Picnic

pop and hip-hop     7 listeners


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Our latest music video, Babymaker, has been chosen for Big Vision Empty Wallet’s Viral Video Competition! You can vote for it as many times as you want until July 1st. Afte that they’ll annouce the top 10 videos chosen by the viewers. On July 15th they’ll screen the top 10 videos at Fontana’s Rock & [...]
posted 6 years ago
You can now pre-order our debut album Sweet Jams from our store! CLICK HERE! You can choose from the regular audio compact disc or an autographed copy. There are a limited amount of copies available so reserve yours today!
posted 6 years ago
Our very own guitarist and world class gentleman Earl Babbich has joined Twitter! Get the latest updates from the man himself. Hear about his real rich lifestyle, his guitars, his money, his women, his BBQ sauce and much, much more. Follow him as he promotes the release of the Variety Picnic’s debut album Sweet Jams, [...]
posted 6 years ago
We try (and like) to keep you in the know about what we’re doing. Here’s the latest information we can give you about the music videos we’re working on. The music video for Great Sensations is still in post-production. It’s taking more time than we thought but we want it to be perfect. [...]
posted 6 years ago
The Variety Picnic was created in 2009 as a project by a group of guys who wanted to produce a weekly podcast. This project quickly dissolved as each member began to pursue other interests. In April 2009, Patrick Mahan released a video under the Variety Picnic name called Ode To Morse. This video was about another person involved with the original incarnation of the podcast, Mr. Kevin Morse.

The success of Ode To Morse led to the creation of a variety of songs that will be soon released as a full-length album. This summer, the Variety Picnic released its latest music video Your Chest to great praise. In September 2009, the group released Feel That (Boogie In Your Jeans) which saw much greater success than its previous videos.

In December 2009, it was announced that the debut album from the Variety Picnic would be released on March 16th, 2010. “Sweet Jams” would contain the previous 3 songs that they had made music videos for. They are planning other music videos to go along with the other songs that will be included on the release.
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