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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Knife River Cowboys

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Thanks to everyone who has given us hearts and supported us!!
posted 8 years ago
Knife River Cowboys started out in 2001 by the campfire at the Knife River Ranch in Golden Valley, ND. The two members of the band, sometimes called Lewis & Clark, are childhood friends from Oslo. Their musical relationship goes back to the 1960’ies. Their latest achievement outside Knife River Cowboys is the production of GT-Sara’s first CD, together with two members of tidalwoe. The CD "GT-Sara på farten med Full Rulle" stayed 11 weeks in the National Charts and topped the Charts in the radio program Norsktoppen. Knife River Cowboys are now working to finish their first album and hopefully release it in 2009.

You can watch Knife River Cowboys on YouTube:


Bad Legged Bull

Knife River Ranch

Saddle Sore Saloon

Smash Hit

Thanks to Sheila and all the friendly people in Golden Valley for taking care of us at the Saddle Sore Saloon!

And the biggest HUG and thank you to Cheryl in Minneapolis. We LOVE you!!
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Snail Quail wrote:
(: I love your version of As Good As I Once Was. your vocals are great.

- J.
7 years ago
bonyoman (level 23) wrote:
Most excellent!! You've made my day...but I still want the CD so keep trying to get it released. Now if you'll excuse me...I have two songs to download to my mp3 player. Thanks again, you Norway guys rock!
7 years ago
bonyoman (level 23) wrote:
Nevermind sending them, but how about allowing us to download the tunes via The 61? I'd be happy to pay for "Saddle Sore Saloon" and "As Good as I Once Was"! Let me give you a few more hearts just to encourage you! You make good music!
7 years ago
bonyoman (level 23) wrote:
Thank you for your music! I would love to add one of your CD's to my music collection! Is there any venue stateside whereby we can purchase your album?
7 years ago
Hello friends,
You can visit sixtyone rosemorenashow

8 years ago
Toyen Airport wrote:
ja! heia!
8 years ago
toolfan (level 40) wrote:
Was a pleasure to bump the song. I will be back to check out the rest of the songs soon too. I am loving your sound.
8 years ago
Annette (level 33) wrote:
You are very Welcome and Thanks for sharing your music with us!
8 years ago
madcat8 (level 46) wrote:
You're welcome!
8 years ago
mathmanmrt (level 42) wrote:
you're quite welcome folks.
8 years ago
Ohari (level 20) wrote:
Thank You. I enjoy your lyrics and your voice. Keep 'em coming!
8 years ago
Lotta Katarina wrote:
Vad kul att du gillar min musik!
Det gör mej mycket varm i hjärtat!
Vad roligt att du träffat hon som skrivit dikten "Två tungor", riktigt häftigt! Jag älskar den låten!

Ha det fint / Lotta
8 years ago
Christer Jonasson wrote:
Tack! Det gläder mig att du gillar min musik.
Jag spelar i Oslo nån gång i september.
8 years ago
jimt (level 20) wrote:
Hey, that's what points are for! :) Plus, I dig the song a lot. Nice work!
8 years ago
DarkSeid wrote:
Hallo gutta boys
Heia Norge
8 years ago
Jeanburrasca81 (level 40) wrote:
Humppa-Cowboys ;)
Hehe...I don't usually like country-style music, but that's because many americans take it too seriously, you certainly don't, that's just great!

8 years ago
Wishful (level 38) wrote:
Howdy :) Gave ya a Nudge :)
Like Your Songs :)
8 years ago
BobbiJoJonson (level 26) wrote:
Just listened to all your songs..
love them all... Keep them coming.....
Such fun, such talent...... ..... You have a listener for life now...
9 years ago