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posted 7 years ago
Eye of Ra video is here! go to www.iratalive.com and check it out!
posted 7 years ago
From the Blog Afraid of the Bear. Recent show review/recap

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Star Trek III: the Schlitz for Spock... poet laureate of the end of the world... I know I shouldn't throw thee...
HORSE... we're married!

Irata played a ton of new songs. Maybe half of the set was from the new record and I feel great about the new direction. Much more stoner influence, lots of doom and surprising time tricks. One of the new elements I dig is a kind of two-against-one approach. There was one song (don't know the names of all these new tunes yet) where Case and Duff played parallel lines on bass and guitar respectively while Ward staggered along a drumline reminiscient of the 70s, when metal was still slowly walking away from the flower children and into the haunted forest of the gas crisis, the post-Nam nihilism, the burned-out hotel still flashing a "vacancy" sign. The parallel bass and guitar lines fell somewhere between bluesy Hendrix and calculated Vai phrasing. Syncopated enough to have soul but with a cold precision implying modern detachment, road rage, delayed flights. The feel falls squarely between self-confidence and angst.

Elsewhere in the set did Ward and Case lock in with a different time trick, bass and drums locked together in a beat recently back from botched surgery. Here and there were nicks in the paper, places where entire counts had dropped out of the beat, yet Ward and Case followed the same tricky terrain as Duff delivered an atmospheric slide guitar line that wandered in an entirely different time signature. Occasionally they crossed paths, resulting in a technically fantastic song that implied menace rather than shouting it.

There was nowhere near this level of counting on their first record. I can't wait to see where this direction goes. J. Ward once told me the new songs were more "combat oriented." I can see it, I can feel it, and I want more. This music brings prog technicality down to the planet. When people talk about the founders of prog rock the analogies are always about spaceflight and elven kingdoms, very rarely is the music based on anything that can actually be seen without a powerful hallucinogen.

Not so with Irata. When I hear Irata play I hear lions on the kill. I hear a falcon playing in the skies over a freeway, diving with unimaginable speed to snatch a mouse from the median too fast for it to realize the end of its own life. I hear sharks turning in the warm tropical seas and I see the look come suddenly to the swimmer's face when something brushes casually past.

That which you can see on our planet, that which is real and is happening every day, is strange and dark and amazing enough on its own.
posted 7 years ago
Loaded some new picks.and some show dates.

New album is in the works. We are stoked about the new artist for this up coming album. check out his work in the new pics.
He has done three show flyers for us and he also did work you see on our profile photo.
We will have a line of merch accompanying the new album. Shirts, stickers, posters, the Cd and Vinyl. We are stoked! I hope you are as well.

Thanks for listening
posted 7 years ago
Thanks to everyone for all your hearts.
posted 7 years ago
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Irata is a Greensboro NC based band that formed in late 2006. The elements that make up the Irata sound are derived from a trio of musicians that bring together guitar, sax, bass, drums, percussion, and other electronic sounds to deliver something unique that breathes and flows without categorization. The musicians that make up the sounds come from various musical backgrounds but find themselves on the same island when it comes to working out the Irata formula. To date the band has enjoyed much success as a live touring act throughout the Southeast as well as numerous positive press and CD reviews. Irata is currently had at work on the follow up to their DYI self titled CD. We look forward to continuing our journey with those of you whom we've met and those whom we are about to meet.

Debut album "IRATA" Reviews:

Yes! Weekly CD review
Category: Music

"This is definitely one of the most creative heavy progressive-instumental albums thus far in 2008. Irata possesses more than the typical technical riffs, distortion and melodic lines. It experiments with a mix of under-and over-tone bridges incorporatin a perfect industrial flow in and out of a formula that says,... (+) expand
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MusicLoverPerson (level 9) wrote:
You know, Some people say music is not complete without vocals, I tend to disagree with that statement because your music rules.
7 years ago
SpeedThrills (level 33) wrote:
This summer I want to record some road riding video for my website and youtube... Your music is just perfect for some of the roads that will be featured... lets put it this way, I won't be riding my fathers BMW nor does Frank Sinatra know how to "hang it out" on the guitar. like you guys do... especialy when I'm draggin a knee! Lets stay in touch!

8 years ago
SpeedThrills (level 33) wrote:
Love your stuff guys...I have plans for your music, so don't get lost!

8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
bit bit bitttttttttttttttt on the mind your sound is fantastic yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
8 years ago
krika (level 14) wrote:
Beautiful music, my pleasure 'discovering' it!
As for how it works .. you need to choose a pill first :P
8 years ago
Raine (level 33) wrote:
Thanks for the comment! I'm an instrumental junkie - I listen to them at work all day (need the background but words distract me)! Love your stuff~~
8 years ago
tro (level 25) wrote:
Cheers, guys! Great music.
8 years ago
jRAD (level 40) wrote:
Welcome to the site! I think your style is great, and look forward to hearing more. :)
8 years ago