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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Blind Pilot

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The band Blind Pilot literally rode a pair of bicycles to success. The folk-pop outfit, formed by singer-guitarist Israel Nebeker and drummer Ryan Dobrowski, has taken two bike tours, playing its music all along the West Coast. The first of these two tours was supposed to run from Vancouver all the way down to the Mexican border. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short when the band’s bikes were stolen outside San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

“It was a fine ending to that tour,” Nebeker tells Morning Edition’s Ari Shapiro. “Ryan took it a bit harder than me.”

“Yeah, because Israel got his bike back,” Dobrowski says. “He found it on Craigslist for sale, so he bought it back for like $50, and I lost my bike forever.”

They recently finished a second bike tour with a couple of additional bandmates, hugging Highway 1 down the coastline. One of their most memorable scenes occurred at a tiny grocery store in Leggett, Calif. As the group played, a crowd began to gather around it, including a handful of unexpected onlookers.

“It was great, because all these truckers said that they’d seen us for the last few days,” Dobrowski says.

“We were playing music and having beers at this li... (+) expand
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SilentK (level 27) wrote:
Sounding good!
1 year ago
Eagle/Deer wrote:
7 years ago
heliumtrapeze (level 11) wrote:
Pretty and original! Love itt. :)
7 years ago
just1six (level 7) wrote:
I would love to see "3 Rounds and A Sound" here. Amazing tune. I heard it at the end of an episode of Californication and have been hooked ever since.
7 years ago
caifeng (level 11) wrote:
nice tone!!
7 years ago
biccabob (level 18) wrote:
Good stuff!!!! I need more.
7 years ago
DollyShot (level 30) wrote:
Anymore? Eh? :)
7 years ago
Judysickmusic (level 9) wrote:
super amazing . X
7 years ago
bamgotem (level 10) wrote:
I would love it if you guys would come to Richmond, Va. I noticed that you go to Norfolk, Charlottesville, and DC , but not Richmond. That's alright though because I will be seeing you down in Ashveville on Nov.6. Maybe next year.
7 years ago
grownuppunk (level 22) wrote:
Max hearted... can't wait to see you guys in Austin next week!
7 years ago
grownuppunk (level 22) wrote:
need more!
7 years ago
ivorynightfall (level 20) wrote:
love the story i heard. have had it on repeat for the past three days. thanks so much for sharing your talent!
7 years ago
rolthemuso (level 22) wrote:
Some of the most original stuff I've heard for a while. Nice job bud!

7 years ago
jazzyk (level 18) wrote:
I'm so happy that you guys are on here! I got Go On, Say It free on itunes which is about the best free download I've ever gotten off i-tunes.
7 years ago
nathanieletc (level 17) wrote:
Ooh! I had no idea you guys were on here! Awesome!
7 years ago
grownuppunk (level 22) wrote:
Post more! See you when you come to Austin next month!
7 years ago
jaymebergman (level 28) wrote:
you should try to get 'paint or pollen' up.. its got it
7 years ago
jaymebergman (level 28) wrote:
more? ive been killing your guys tracks in my car for week; strong stuff
7 years ago
Flight Crash Companion wrote:
3 Rounds and a Sound is the best album I've heard in a long time. Particularly "The Story I Heard". Can't stop listening to it. Amazing
7 years ago
savvysayshey29 (level 10) wrote:
sooooooooooo good. the show at Off Broadway was amazing last night
7 years ago