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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Simian Mobile Disco

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Attack Decay Sustain Release - Available Now
posted 8 years ago
Back in the late '90s, James Ford and Jas Shaw were studying biology at and philosophy respectively at Manchester University, while crafting strange electronic music in the spare room of their shared house. Fellow student Simon Lord, a folk-influenced singer-songwriter, caught wind of the duo's sonic experiments, and along with bass player Alex MacNaughten they formed the band Simian.

It was around the time when a lot of bands were starting to combine traditional songwriting with electronic sounds in the spirit of Broadcast and The Beta Band. Simian did quite well. But not quite well enough to justify the major label deal they'd signed. James and Jas found themselves playing as a conventional rhythm section in a touring band, which isn't what they set out to do. Even though they realised it would be a terrible cliché for Simian to split in the middle of a long, hot US tour, Simian split in the middle of a long, hot US tour.

In order to sate their love of electronic party music, James and Jas booked themselves DJ dates while touring with Simian. They'd finish a gig and then run off to play electro records to small, sweaty rooms full of people who often seemed to be having lots ... (+) expand
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DittoAgain (level 16) wrote:
7 years ago
moorederodeo (level 14) wrote:
7 years ago
shmertly (level 21) wrote:
this has been my remix for like a year now. its the beat.
7 years ago
antagonist (level 26) wrote:
7 years ago
88 (level 31) wrote:
I saw the ADSR in the electronic section in my library with about 3 other CDs. I though that was the name of the band for the first week, but damn, I love that opening track
8 years ago
EEPROM wrote:
hey! just picked up the ADSR vinyl lp today, I'm a big fan. Thanks for being an inspiration.
8 years ago
sdf wrote:
This is great, I love the feels you guys make :D
8 years ago
jamesj (level 10) wrote:
i love ur beats.
8 years ago
rascalized797 (level 9) wrote:
solid album...............highly recommend!!!!
8 years ago
tholex (level 11) wrote:
Yea Hustler would be badass =D great song.
8 years ago
Slaapaav (level 13) wrote:
upload hustler or sleep deprivation plz
8 years ago
Yahel wrote:
Its got a retro feel without sounding old fashioned great!
8 years ago
allenone (level 23) wrote:
Just discovered you. I love that name (Attack Decay Sustain Release). Now enjoying your songs too. Thanks!
8 years ago
sciortino (level 10) wrote:
Sleep deprivation is needed =)
8 years ago
eloqu3nt (level 36) wrote:
I think it might be about that time for some new material on here! its only been what almost half a year?
8 years ago
Jride (level 34) wrote:
Vancouver Show was wicked... I can still see the strobes!!!
8 years ago
8 ears wrote:

we are from kuala lumpur, malaysia. please sample our songs. if you like what you hear, you can download them from iTunes or AmazonMP3.

thanks for listening.

8 ears.

P.S. sorry for the SPAM.
9 years ago
bloke (level 17) wrote:
its on fire!
9 years ago
axan2003 (level 18) wrote:
hot stuff
9 years ago