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Hey all! Working on new material. Aiming for release on Oct. 9th! An album of 5 remixes and an album of 10 tracks (both originals and remixes)!!! Gonna be HOT! And keep your eyes peeled for future tour dates in the next few months! Also, just a reminder, 90% of my albums are downloadable at http://www.djtomatomusic.com. If there's a song you wanna download, chances are it's on one of those albums or downloadable as a single on my site!
Much love,
$-Tom Ato-$
posted 6 years ago

Click Here fore Tom Ato on Sound Cloud

Click Here for Tom Ato on Facebook

Tom Ato
is a Knoxville based DJ/Producer

Bass Music and Hip hop, mainly.

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SarahxJane (level 35) wrote:
I really need The Final Countdown (Tomato Mash) on here.
1 year ago
biccabob (level 18) wrote:
Damn Tom, your new mixtape is off the hook!
7 years ago
chrols (level 2) wrote:
7 years ago
point9 (level 14) wrote:
SOLD! one listen and I've bee elevated.
7 years ago
spinladen (level 35) wrote:
Just gotta say man, you gotta send me a current promo mix of you cuz I just listened to the 8-trax mix and I think I gotta get you booked out in Omaha, KC and Denver asap!
7 years ago
SynthListeners (level 5) wrote:
your unbelievable
7 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
Tom, I'm going to figure out how to wrangle the wobbly bass like you do. Even if it kills me.
7 years ago
Juskwam (level 10) wrote:
Tom Ato..........Bananas!
7 years ago
TJCyeye (level 21) wrote:
read your bio, now i love your name
7 years ago
aaronmcrenshaw (level 14) wrote:
that bass sound you have going is amazing i love it!
7 years ago
thomasvale (level 24) wrote:
when i dance to this i have to try and blow my self up - like one of those frogs that can blow themselves up really big. then i just waddle around a bit wearing a frown and wiggling straight arms around.
7 years ago
camilojv (level 1) wrote:
7 years ago
timwendel (level 10) wrote:
If this tune would have been the theme song for night rider, the show would still be on air. Great track.
7 years ago
aaronmcrenshaw (level 14) wrote:
i drink your bass is off the hooooooook
7 years ago
hallelujahlockandload (level 14) wrote:
awesome mixes. that is all :)
7 years ago
jmtame (level 23) wrote:
i eat bass for breakfast
7 years ago
G.Low wrote:
I drink your bass is awesome!
7 years ago
deadmouse (level 17) wrote:
and the fact you used a bit of tool in there xD tasty.
7 years ago
deadmouse (level 17) wrote:
i really like i drink your bass
how do i acquire said song.
7 years ago
Labdisco (level 22) wrote:
The man delivers!
7 years ago