not loaded not loaded not loaded
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it took me twenty three years just to write this verse
i felt the sum of all fears in a lightning burst
i was shaking at the window like pookie with a pipe
but there ain't no director when the movie is your life

looked for answers in a book, but it takes too long
and it ain't like nina simone can make new songs
they said, if i speak my mind, i'll be despised
to liquor, punchlines, asscheeks, and thighs

but i'm just too potent, i get you open,
like a flesh wound hoping that the fresh truths soak in
oh, they got flow? well, i exhale oceans
how could they not know? they up the next male's colon

this is for the pipe-dreamers with the 9-to-5 fever
the hardest working fathers and the friday night divas
i dedicate my resume to all my light sleepers
who stay awake and wonder where they future might lead us
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