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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Synthesizer Shaikh

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hey new EP is out.

Started med school so no new music for a while.
posted 7 years ago
trying to work on new dance-ish tunes but med school stuff is taking over my life
posted 8 years ago
Hope you like the tunes!

Download my albums for free at
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Overlook27 (level 38) wrote:
Ithought You were Sam I Am?
7 years ago
DerekRobson (level 23) wrote:
hey! I freaktured your track "The Fall" Started it around 78 or so!

Excellent music!
7 years ago
TheApocalypse56 (level 18) wrote:
The Fall, dude. Absolutely.
7 years ago
sabbides23 (level 34) wrote:
I guess I just wasn't made is some crazy stuff wish it had more more more hearts to it!
7 years ago
spinladen (level 35) wrote:
Glad to see some new stuff getting thrown our way, just a couple days ago I pretty much got the amount of bumps on The Fall doubled for ya. That song needs to post BADDD.
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
hee hee.

I knew you were Sam.

I'm so clever with my jokes and pranks!
Once, at dinner, I put spoons out instead of forks!
I'm a nut!
You can't stop the prophet!
Good luck in med school!

7 years ago
Alvista wrote:
man, your stuff reminds me of Ulrych Schnauss! Great job
8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
dancypants and Nude my favorites

8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
your song bit into my mind ....great!!!!

bye from Italy
8 years ago
PaperSkin wrote:
yeah man that track is the shit! WOOP WOOP!!!!
8 years ago
byaduoorgroup wrote:
hi, as part of our promotion, you can download more remixes of songs taken from our album ninetyfivezeroeight at www.myspace.com/byaduoorgroup. it's all FOC! with no string attached.

thanks for listening,
9 years ago
PaperSkin wrote:
ARGHHH!!!! its WICKED!!!!!!! another good one mate, i got fl studio 8 xxl producer edition last night! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i mainly use vst's like superwave p8, cameleon5000, pro-53 and na massive. you got an msn address? i would love to swap some tunes with ya man, if not tunes then vst's or programs......

peace man
9 years ago
Overlook27 (level 38) wrote:
The more I listen to Nude the more I like it. I am glad I got to first bump it. I hope the song will do well for both of us. Thanks for putting it on t61.
9 years ago
PaperSkin wrote:
ooh, just quick like, what version of ableton do you use? i use 6.0 and fl studio 7....
9 years ago
PaperSkin wrote:
this is fooking AWESOME!!!!!!! YEAAAHHHH!!!!!! peace! and woah!!! you played the drums on the keyboard!!! thats brilliant mate. good job fosho!!

9 years ago
Xrm950 (level 22) wrote:
dancePants#2 gave me goose bumps good job.
9 years ago
theKootster (level 6) wrote:
I bumped that shit
9 years ago
theKootster (level 6) wrote:
I'm your biggest fan.
9 years ago
bycalculus (level 20) wrote:
cool style...
9 years ago
Quetzales de Fuego wrote:
Hey man, I like your stuff, maybe you like mine!
9 years ago