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In this world we all live
We all breathe as one
We are free in this world
We can stare at the sun

We won't fall, we will dream
We will fight until the end
For my dreams, for your dreams
For our needs are the same

We are one
We are free

Fight, for your rights
Deny, all their lies
Rely, on your brothers
Defy, all the laws


Spark, in our eyes
Hope, in our thoughts
Desire, in our hearts
Vengeance, in our souls

From the ashes of this wretched world, a new world order will arise
Let the ruling classes tremble at a revolution
We have nothing to lose but our chains
Workers of the world unite
Don't be a slave, don't be a slave

You will feel the pain
You will taste the fear
We will hunt you down
Tyrants, we are near
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