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We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Spirit of Play

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Yes, 2010 is the year we go intercontinental and transhemispherical: as soon as the curtain falls on our next gig, and possibly even during it if I cock up the lyrics to "Hare and Tortoise", I'm off on a fact-finding mission (remember those?) to Melbourne. It's just like a world tour, only without the dates, venues, and the rest of the band. Lucy's particularly excited about Spirit of Oz, because she doesn't have to get on a plane. (She's the Dennis Bergkamp of the 12-string, which could make our future commitments in, oh, I don't know, Nashville, Vegas, and Swansea, a bit complicated.) And I'm excited, because there some good venues and bands in Melb, and an enterprising arts salon called Gert's, run by a friend of the band, Fi Gruber, who may yet find a way of coaxing us to perform in the land of sunblock and spiders.

In other news: the band have been trying out something I've written called "Title Song". Inspiration: all the tracks auditioned for Bond movie title music that are then dropped in favour of bad anthems by mad pairings, uncomfortable sounding soul legends, or some American bloke. I think K. D. Lang was in the running one year, with the fine "Surrender", but it was relegated to the end credits. Sheryl Crow sang, just about, the opener instead. Then again, sometimes they're all turkeys -- Dionne Warwick (born Leamington Spa) had to give up on "Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", in 1965, and I so know how she feels. Tom Jones wobbled through "Thunderball" instead: lyrics by Don Black. "He always runs while others walk", apparently. What, always? Even if he's helping an elderly person across the road?

So, who knows, we may sing "Title Song" in a gig soon, when I'm back from Oz, and all facts have been found. More news from Down Under in due course. G'day and G'night.


It went to the wire
they flew me into town
they said they liked my sound
but not enough

So I sang some other stuff
they said they liked that too
but not enough

Hey, keep in touch
we know you've got real style
just like all the rest

You said, who's this other guy
they like so much more
does he get the end
credits as well?

Or can you make a case
for some minor third disgrace
as they embrace?

Yeah, keep in touch
I think you've got real style
just like all the rest

(mid 8) Settle in your seat
suspend your disbelief
all I ever wanted to do
was writed an unrejected
title song for you . . .

So this is how it goes
it always ends this way
the citizens are saved
it's such a shame

But it went to the wire
I almost read my name
right there in your eyes

Hey, keep in touch
I know you've got real style
not like all the rest

posted 7 years ago

At last year's geekpop virtual festival, SOP played (virtually played, that is) the Tetrahedron stage, along with such luminaries as the Amateur Transplants, the Standards and Let's Tea Party.

This year, we're going to be live (actually, physically, materially live, that is) at the Miller near London Bridge, along with Dr Stu and the Neutron Stars and the stand-up comedian Helen Arney (who also plays a mean ukulele, that is), on March 18.

That's fair warning, isn't it? There may be yet more songs about science on the way. It's a terrifying prospect, and that's just for the band.
posted 7 years ago

We recorded this song the other day. And I thought it would only be right to post the lyrics here, in case my singing/yelling is so garbled that it's impossible to make out the words.

Note the use of quite a rude turn of phrase in the very first line of the song! Rock! And! Roll!

Get up, you lazy son of a bitch
it's time you went to school
that mighty ass has to go to class
this ain't no hill and you ain't no fool...

You're gonna be late as it is
Half past eight and you're barely dressed
I've been up since dawn and I've mowed the lawn
did you have sweet dreams?

you should go to school
it's really cool, it's really groovy
make yourself a friend
don't just pretend
go see a movie, prove me wrong

go forth and get an education,
a good degree, a formality
a City job, one that pays a lot
I don't want to die young with an unemployed son

did you have sweet dreams?

you should go to school

it's really cool, it's really groovy

make yourself a friend

don't just pretend

go see a movie, prove me wrong

get up, you lazy son of a bitch
you know that we're not rich
there's been hell to pay since the very day
that your daddy upped and he went away . . .

did you have sweet dreams?

you should go to school

it's really cool, it's really groovy

make yourself a friend

don't just pretend

go see a movie, prove me wrong

So there it is. I'd like to think of this song as a cry from the soul. A scream of existential anguish. etc.

Definitely not a dubious impersonation of single mum addressing her son. Oh no.

posted 7 years ago

The Devil makes work for idle hands. That's what they say. Did you notice I capitalised him? I thought it'd be best not to diss him. I want to keep on his right side. I've been told he's a bad ass mf.

My hands have been pretty idle recently. The piano hasn't been uncovered yet since the house move and my double bass is in our spare room (dumping ground), quite low down on the list of things to unpack. Poor old thing, it's not the way to treat an old lass like her. I'm going to bloody well clean her - I've just decided. Next week sometime.

Anyway, my parents kindly gave me a guitar for Christmas. An attractive little blonde sort. Curves in all the right places - for a guitar I mean. I've been trying to learn a few chords (F, C, D, Am, E, Em - enough to play Everything Flows and the entire U2 back catalogue - Mr Edge I salute you) with the help of my hitherto light under bushel hiding girlfriend. Here are my observations.

a) It's completely counter-intuitive. What's the deal with the intervals between the strings? 4th, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th. Totally mental.

b) How are you supposed to practice when the agony sets in after about 30 seconds? The strings really cut into your fingers, the little beggars.

c) C to F is hard because you've got to move 3 fingers! 3 fingers!

d) it is quite satisfying when you get all 6 strings to sound cleanly. It was a thrill both times it happened.

I shall persevere, as it is my ambition to write a classic pop song, or to just plagiarise one that is dead good and not known. Just one, that's all I ask.

posted 7 years ago

So, you know, if you enjoyed 2009, you'll love 2010 – apparently all kinds of craziness is going to happen.

We can't speak for anybody but ourselves, of course. But there'll be more live nonsense from us in February at Punk, just off Soho Square; and in March we'll be at the Miller near London Bridge, as part of the geekpop festival. There are rumours of more gigs to come after that, some recording, a little bit of cider, and a tiny amount of blogging.

And if you didn't love 2009? Well, cheer up. It's not as if anything bad is going to happen . . . is it? I mean, is it?!

OK. Back to the studio and the songs about salad dressing. Or whatever we're writing next.

posted 7 years ago
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Spirit of Play mysteriously came into being in the middle of 2008, after a long period of idle talk and ineffectual body language. Like snowflakes, no two SOP songs are the same, and many are quite different even from themselves. The perceived members of the group are: Lucy Dallas (electric 12-string and voice), Tom Woolfenden (drums), stephenmcaines (acoustic guitar and voice), J Drummond (bass) and Will Eaves (hair of the dog and voice). Their credentials are dubious.
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Spirit of Play wrote:
Hey, thanks, Rafael - is this a bit better? Could it still go up a bit? Cheers,
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
Hey is the audio all right with your new song? I think it could be louder, don't you think the same? If you want to edit it, just use the edit button - no need to delete (never do that)! Thanks for the music.
7 years ago
smirks (level 26) wrote:
*Dies* Physics-based humor retro-rock. Awesome!
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
And your album cover is fantastic! Very funny! :D
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
It's my pleasure! Stop by anytime if you need any help. :)
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
Whoa, I like it! I'll leave you a link with some hints and tips for artists: www.passivepromotion.com/thesixtyone/

Hope you enjoy this musical adventure! :D

7 years ago