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Molly Lewis

pop and folk     1104 listeners
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Happy Zombie Jesus Day! I've posted another song (finally) about my favorite Easter tradition, called "Peep Fight."
posted 6 years ago
We used to play in a van down by the river.
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jackhammerroses (level 14) wrote:
I'll tip you, please come back to the t61. There I tipped you, no take backsies.
9 months ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Greetings to Molly and her Uke.
10 months ago
Earforceone (level 15) wrote:
Glorious, Bless your heart.
6 years ago
ps502sm (level 21) wrote:
pretty awesome...who the hell is tom?!?! who knows tom indeed!!!!
7 years ago
ladyyeahyeah (level 17) wrote:
MySpace "I hope it embarasses your children. LOL.
7 years ago
jkdeadite (level 19) wrote:
Molly Lewis, you are hot in so many ways, the internet can no longer count.
7 years ago
adc5455 (level 9) wrote:
more more more!!!!
7 years ago
anatash (level 6) wrote:
Molly Lewis is fantastical :)
7 years ago
paisleypower30 (level 17) wrote:
7 years ago
KaPowla (level 17) wrote:
Lol. I love your stuff!! Reminds me of scrubs :)
7 years ago
popidiots (level 20) wrote:
Absolutely awesome, MORE PLZ.
7 years ago
theBROKENone (level 11) wrote:
Love the music... more please!!
7 years ago
demostrate (level 21) wrote:
The kazoo solo in I Pity the Fool is pretty much the greatest thing ever.
7 years ago
Keith Lewis wrote:
This is really fun music. You made a sale.
7 years ago
caifeng (level 11) wrote:
hey there~ i like ur "myhope" a lot!!
so cute.
have a nice day:)
7 years ago
emiliefo (level 11) wrote:
found your music on youtube a while back, glad to see you on the sixtyone!!
would love to see 'it all makes sense at the end' on here : )
7 years ago
JCpennies (level 11) wrote:
uke shredded nicely
7 years ago
Archous (level 23) wrote:
Only cool girls watch the A-Team!!!!!!
7 years ago
SuperXSteph (level 4) wrote:
what kind of uke do you play? i rock an electric accoustic oscar schmitt. ...kazoo? ps great lyrics!
7 years ago
popidiots (level 20) wrote:
Music like this makes me glad i joined this website :)
7 years ago