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Sleeping At Last

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We'd like to officially announce/invite you to a very special upcoming Chicago show! On Feb. 11th, we'll be performing with our gorgeous STRING QUARTET (made of of the incredible players that played on "Storyboards," etc.) at the brand-new LINCOLN HALL venue here in Chicago! SO excited about this! We've heard amazing things about LH and can't wait to play! It's owned/operated by the same folks at Schubas Tavern, so we're confident it'll be one of our favorite rooms to play.

We'll be joined by our incredibly gifted friend, MATTHEW PERRYMAN JONES! As well as our pals' excellent brand-new band THE ARTIFACTS. If you're not familiar with either of their music, you will love 'em both dearly by the night's end.

Facebook event page: http://bit.ly/SALStrings


Check 'em out... they're all up right now and can be viewed anytime here: http://bit.ly/SALJBTV
posted 7 years ago

we released a FREE 7-song Christmas EP via noisetrade - have at it, if you wish! : www.noisetrade.com/sleepingatlast
posted 7 years ago

10/23: Gordon College - Wenham, MA
10/24: The Scarlet Cord - Brookville, PA
10/29: The Channel - Greenville, SC
10/30: Murray Hill Theatre - Jacksonville, FL
10/31: Power House / Meadowland - Sarasota, FL
11/2: Discovery Church (STATUS) - Orlando, FL.
11/4: RAW TV, 2 (Free) Live Performances! - Lakeland, FL
11/6: The Ready Room - Pensacola, FL.
11/7: The Hub - Chattanooga, TN
11/8: Exit In - Nashville, TN
11/13: Knickerbocker Theatre - Holland, MI
11/15: Judson University - Elgin, IL

If you're interested in receiving 3 FREE live, acoustic songs in trade for telling some friends on Facebook about these new shows (or any other date on our tour).. here's a link to find out how! http://sleepingatlast.wordpress.com/2009/10/05/341/


Our new music video for the song "Green Screens" is now able to be embedded anywhere! Check it out (in HD!!) via:

* YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh7QS4xQVIk
* Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/6731192
posted 7 years ago

We're pleased to announce the debut of our brand new music video! It's for the song "Green Screens" from our new record and it was directed, conceptualized, animated, filmed and hand-crafted by the very talented, Javan Ivey. It's being exclusively debuted NOW over at Purevolume.com, who will be showing it first for the next few days, before it released to the rest of the world..

Here's a link to check it out first: http://bit.ly/greenscreens

Be sure to check out Javan Ivey's website at: www.javanivey.com!
posted 7 years ago

We're very pleased to announce that we'll be heading out on a mini tour in just a couple weeks! Our good pal, Jeremy Larson will be joining us. Can't wait! Here are the dates thus far (more will be added soon, so stay tuned!)

10/23: Gordon College - Wenham, MA
10/24: The Scarlet Cord - Brookville, PA
10/29: The Channel - Greenville, SC
10/30: Murray Hill Theatre - Jacksonville, FL
11/4: RAW TV, Live Performance - Lakeland, FL
11/7: The Hub - Chattanooga, TN
11/8: Exit In - Nashville, TN
11/13: Knickerbocker Theatre - Holland, MI
posted 7 years ago
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Very rarely does a band strike the ideal equilibrium between indie credibility and commercial viability, but it’s a sophisticated scale balance that Sleeping At Last has mastered across the entire decade thus far. With its third national release Storyboards, the critical charmers from Chicago are just as comfortable calling upon legendary arranger Van Dyke Parks as they are appearing on “Grey’s Anatomy” with the goal of relating to its astute audience topping any accolade amassed on either side of the dial.

“We’re attracted to melodies that are pretty relatable and listen to music that is slightly obscure or under the radar, but find both sides coming together in an organic way,” observes front man Ryan O’Neal before bassist/keyboardist Dan Perdue interjects. “All of our favorite bands are always forward thinking and ground breaking, but also accessible, which is the hardest balance to find. But being forward thinking doesn’t mean anything if no one wants to listen to you and it’s obviously not all that exciting to sound like everything else out there.”

As indicated by a recent trip to Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studio (owned by Nirvana/The Pixies mastermind Steve Albini), Sle... (+) expand
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Calista (level 39) wrote:
Wonder if you will ever come back and post more of your absolutely wonderful music here.
1 year ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
And now awaken to a new year.
1 year ago
James Roquemore wrote:
I tried sending it to ryan@sleepingatlast.com but it failed... maybe it had trouble sending the attached songs or something. It just said I enjoyed our conversation at the social about songwriting and all... I'll def have to check out songwriters on songwriting
7 years ago
jasongleonard (level 23) wrote:
Just another thank you for introducing me to t61 a while back. Love you guys!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Love you guys! Thanks for tweeting about this site.
7 years ago
James Roquemore wrote:
Great show at the Social! Ryan, I tried sending you that email but it said it failed sending to your email address... Well, anywho, here's some of my music. Hope to seeya in FL soon!
7 years ago
bcerdmann (level 26) wrote:
♥ ♥ ♥
7 years ago
dannilp1 (level 10) wrote:
Your music is filled with such a sense of peace.
7 years ago
warkro (level 7) wrote:
just made your song unmade 1337 hearts!
7 years ago
SandyCarver (level 35) wrote:
I bought Storyboards and Keep No Score off ITunes and I just had to tell you that they are two of the greatest albums I have ever been fortunate enough to have in my ears.

Really, really, really, really wonderful music. Thanks so much!
7 years ago
ahimothZer0 (level 28) wrote:
7 years ago
huexotzinca (level 23) wrote:
thx for sharing your fantastic music!!! (=^o^=)!!!!!
7 years ago
chortle (level 11) wrote:
Happy Holidays to you as well :) Seeing the owl made me smile.
7 years ago
satch (level 28) wrote:
Lovely music - thank you!
7 years ago
Concerning Lions wrote:
thanks for having careful hands up here. saw you in Chattanooga few weeks back. keep it up.
7 years ago
MarieNeige (level 8) wrote:
I'm a fan of Porcelain, been listening to it a lot since 2 days! I think its fantastic! Thanks
7 years ago
acottreau (level 15) wrote:
And plans for a Canadian tour...we'd love to have you.

7 years ago
AJKid (level 5) wrote:
Great stuff guys. Porcelain stopped me in my tracks. I had to hit play again.
Good luck guys, you got it all going on. Nice strings aswell.
You're amazing.
7 years ago
bmakuh (level 7) wrote:
lyrics are just too good, instrumentation is way too good too
7 years ago
Bethany and the Guitar wrote:
beautiful. all of it.
7 years ago