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Well, the sun clears the pale dim of morning
As a ray touches my window blind
The sunlight plays soft on my pillow and falls cross my eyes

And I’d like to pretend that’s what woke me
Cause my alarm isn’t near as kind
But in truth I awoke to its shrieking cursing the time

Well, the eastbounds the furthest from the doorway
Even further with bags in my hand
With the train station bustle around me in line I stand

Well, the wheels squeal a headache in my forehead
As the train rumbles into my view
And I grab that old seat in the corner maybe sleep for a few

But it’s the same sunrise assaulting my eyes as the trees go by
It’s a pretty one here is it the same one for you
Well, if wishes could be you’d be sitting next to me on this train
But it’s the least I can do to be riding back to you on the six a.m.

Well, the newspapers not holding my attention
The world affairs mediocre at best
Time to put it right back where I found it next to the armrest

So I’m back to reading the graffiti
On the cargo trains parked on the tracks
I adjust my makeshift pillow and try to relax

But there is your name spray painted aflame on a boxcar
You know the paint jobs not bad wish you could see it yourself
If I could take it with me I would definitely but I doubt it
I’ll just keep it inside company for the ride on the 6 a.m.

There’s something soothing in wheels a rolling
And the tracks beneath your toes
Assured the train’ll take you where’re it goes

And how lovely to be awoken
By announcements your stops just one more
Just a minute to grab your belongings and step to the doors

A glance to the right and you step into sight from the staircase
And then your hands in mine and there’s a smile on your face
Yah my trip was just fine I slept for a time I’m ok
But you’ll never believe what I saw on the way on the 6 A.M.
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