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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Dr. Dog

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Why, hello there.
posted 8 years ago
Dr. Dog is a musical band from the greater West Philadelphia area. We are interested in playing Boggle, three-part harmonies, roman candles, slow dancing, the great outdoors, pizza parties, and diminished chords.

DR. DOG is:
TAXI: lead woof+mud distortion guitar, vocals
TABLES: finger bass, vocals, rhythm stomp
TEXT: keyboardings, some guitar/singing
TROUBLE: hammer hands of a surgeon, harmonies, embellishments
THANKS: multi-string guitar, full-grip chords, vocal nuances
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SaraEagleDeer (level 5) wrote:
7 years ago
Felili wrote:
love you guys
7 years ago
musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
Wow. Worst Trip was a good trip for me.
7 years ago
minifridge (level 23) wrote:
it would be much appreciated if you posted the rabbit, the bat, and the reindeer (:
7 years ago
ulrichspuler (level 26) wrote:
amazing band, i love Heart it Races :-)
peace and love
7 years ago
Rollo (level 8) wrote:
We love you guys, you really got good songs !
7 years ago
carmeneckard (level 1) wrote:
Very favorite band. Perhaps my favorite song, but it is hard to choose. Fate is my favorite album of all time.
7 years ago
hellosunshine4 (level 7) wrote:
Heart it races - love it!
7 years ago
TKLo12 (level 30) wrote:
You guys are AWESOME! I can't believe I just found you now!
7 years ago
the720k (level 5) wrote:
Man, this song sounds great. If you're heading to Cleveland, I MUST see you guys.
7 years ago
falafeljack (level 23) wrote:
colihondro, Dr Dog rocked the ACL fo sho! FO. SHO.

ahem, fo sho. fo fo fo fo fo sho sho sho sho sho
7 years ago
LEMON SUN wrote:
Dig you guys a lot! According to out itunes people who are buying our record are also buying yours. We are pleased about this 'cause you guys make great music. "Heart it Races" is really great
7 years ago
colihondro (level 25) wrote:
Dr. Dog rocked the ACL. THANK YOU!
7 years ago
shasta88 (level 11) wrote:
seeing you guys tonight at the Fonda! woo hoo.
7 years ago
madbird (level 13) wrote:
saw you at Bluegrass! SO AMAZING!!
7 years ago
ramonamentzer (level 10) wrote:
heart it races, so good
7 years ago
warpedalibi (level 26) wrote:
obsessed with The Girl, absolutely wonderful
7 years ago
shaynearrow (level 3) wrote:
oh you know us so well mastodonj. nice work Dr.Dog
7 years ago
mastodonj (level 10) wrote:
Mighty stuff guys!!! My friends will love this stuff!
7 years ago
MissRex (level 12) wrote:
I've absolutely adored you guys since I first found my brothers copy of Toothbrush. <3
7 years ago