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To our faithful listeners,

We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

Artist tipping and music purchases will be functional until then, so please spend any remaining credits by month's end. 
A final payment will be made to artists following the shutdown.

thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung


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To listen to others of my music, here a link :
Pour écouter d'autres de mes musiques, voici un lien :

my gate gathering the links with my sound
mon portail rassemblant les liens avec mon son
posted 7 years ago
J'ai commencer le synthetiseur en 1990, que mon Père m'avait offert. Mais j'ai réellement commencer à composer de la musique en 1997 avec mon PC.

Je mis ma musique à disposition sur internet, seulement depuis l'année 2008, mais j'ai également éditer des son datant de ses 13 années de compositions. En tout cas, merci d'avoir écouté mon son :-)


I have to begin the synthetizer in 1990, that my Father had offered to me. But I have really to start to compose of the music in 1997 with my PC.

I placed my music at the disposal on Internet, only since the year 2008, but I have also to publish sound going back to his 13 years of compositions. In any case, thank you to have listened to my sound
: -)

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©stfan wrote:

A new sound is available on my official site.

The title is called “modern native”

7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
A new sound of available, which is called
“Style File (outro malicious family)".

good listening

Un nouveau son de disponible, qui s'appelle
"Style File (outro malicious family)".

bonne écoute
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
I place at the disposal a new sound to cross.

the title is called “not.3”

je met à disposition un nouveau son métisser.

le titre s'appelle "not.3"

thks ./
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
je plaisantait !

Eclate toi bien, mais fait attention à ta pompe ;-)
7 years ago
Harperactive wrote:
un dose de quoi?
je suis désolé, mais je ne sais pas beaucoup de francais!

thanks for listening anyway! :)
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
Addition of the “Epineux” title which goes back to February 2009, to which I have to add whatever effects with the original.

Rajout du titre "Epineux" qui date de février 2009, auquel j'ai rajouter quelles que effets à l'original.

thank you for listening: -)
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
Upload of a title moreover which goes back to 1997, and that I had slightly to work over again into 09, and also a remix.

The title is called “100%”
and the remix, “aluminium bottle (vocal.militant.mix)"

Upload d'un titre de plus qui date de 1997, et que j'avais légérement retravailler en 09, et également un remix.

Le titre s'appelle "100%"
et le remix, "aluminium bottle (vocal.militant.mix)"

7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
Un nouveau titre est disponible sur mon site officiel est mon site Google .

Le morceau s'appelle "essentiel loyale", est se veut plutôt doux.

A new title available on my site with the higher link, the music is called “essence honest”, and is being rather soft.

good listening.
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
Merci d'avoir côtés "freak technics", c'est un de mes titres les plus "cooL" de cette année :-)

Thanks !
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
… I have to call it “freak technics”, because it rather rare that I compose of this manner, this to say, to goes quickly very to the instinct.

Its gets along, it is rather messy, but they is sympathetic: -)

Thks for the listen.
7 years ago
nitrolinken (level 32) wrote:
I like freak technics, not sure why, but it could be related to how nice.. kind of gentle it feels?
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
A new sound is available, “Freak technics”,

to compose this morning 21st december.
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
I placed at the disposal the last mix for this year. Good listening, and drink glass for me: - D
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:

Merci, je m'appelle Stéphane, tu peut m'appeller comme sa si tu veux ;-)

Pour le mix, oui j'ai pas trop louper :-P
7 years ago
SePeartree (level 18) wrote:
Mec, c'est vraiment genial!
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
a new sound is available
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
Thks, It does not have there problems, I share readily my music, not having made yet the aquisition of a home expensive studio, I leave my repertory musical under licence (cc).
I would consider has another moment to buy more consequent hardware
: -)
7 years ago
jerome457 (level 25) wrote:
nice chill sound, thanks for posting your music
7 years ago
©stfan wrote:
I did not know this Community site, but to finish, I have create an account and I would make several upload of my musics above. Why not after all…: - D
7 years ago