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And now 20 albums! Let's see what I can upload today...
posted 7 years ago
Now it's 16+ albums! Head to our official site for the good stuff! http://www.scrubclubrecords.com
posted 7 years ago
Make sure to go to our official site to download 12+ albums for free! http://www.scrubclubrecords.com
posted 7 years ago
Finally getting all of our music up here on TheSixtyOne! Thanks for the support, Soldiers!
posted 7 years ago
MadHatter considers himself an "everyman" in the underground entertainment business. While he may not be the best at what he does, he does put in an unbelievable amount of effort into his work and in learning to do better.

Always learning, always evolving, he not only runs the Scrub Club label, he also produces music, records and mixes albums, spits complex, mathematical flows, contributes artwork both digital and traditional, does graphics design for the site and printed products, builds and keeps all of the Scrub sites updated, creates gaming mechanics, handles promotions and public relations including booking, runs audio / visual equipment, runs printing presses, and lots of other tasks that most labels have to outsource. It's a lot of work, but keeping Scrub Club going is just as important to him as taking care of a step family. Except... a good step family.

He has gained awards and achievements big and small for his music, played a few dozen shows, helped other artists out with much support, and is the well-known "good guy" in the independent Hip Hop scene.

In the music game since 2001 and an always dedicated worker in the official job market, he knows a great deal on ho... (+) expand
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Oberon (level 16) wrote:
Dude, is that music from Crystalis in The Game Master? If so- mad props. That was my favorite NES game.
7 years ago
mafferdragonhead (level 26) wrote:
You sir need to come to alabama.
huntsville ,preferably.
7 years ago
JonseyMcFly (level 13) wrote:
Love most of it, But was really disappointed with overheat... But that's the only song i can say i don't wish i had heart's to drop.
7 years ago
SaintCity (level 17) wrote:
honestly, just a lot of great stuff!!!
7 years ago
Logic1 wrote:
Holy Schnikies!!! This Madhatter guy can really rap!!! What up fam?
7 years ago
treebird1337 (level 6) wrote:
Ganon Slayer + my ears= awsome
7 years ago
Mattari 2600 wrote:
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
hey dude. are you blacklisted? there's a chance that certain things are causing artists to not post, and their songs to not yield points. it may be linked with artists hearting songs from listener accounts, and almost definitely linked with artists first-bumping their own songs. i see you've done both heavily and have had at least two songs post. have you noticed anything strange about low point returns or similar oddities?
7 years ago
icekarma (level 11) wrote:
Pipe Dreams just never fails to make me laugh, brilliant!
7 years ago
kekoax (level 17) wrote:
A Gunsmoke remix. Obscure and Awesome. I can't believe how many awesome remixes you have here. Looking forward to what you put down in the future.
7 years ago
DPiddy (level 28) wrote:
Eyes like the red rings of death! haha

I am sure anyone who grew up playing Nintendo would love this!
7 years ago
stud (level 4) wrote:
8bit!!! love
7 years ago
MadHatter wrote:
Haha! Thanks, everyone! Uplaoding some remixes today from a ways back, I hope you enjoy them.
7 years ago
mafferdragonhead (level 26) wrote:
Scram is a freakin masterpiece :)
7 years ago
protoknuckles (level 9) wrote:
I love this site. It has so much gaming related music!
7 years ago
Hobosub (level 11) wrote:
Big cuddles to you for Crawling Back :D
7 years ago
AsisGalvin (level 10) wrote:
Btw I do video game remixed beats also we should collab check me out on youtube I have soooo many remixes on there you guys are nice!!!
7 years ago
AsisGalvin (level 10) wrote:
great playlist
7 years ago
eskimodragon13 (level 33) wrote:
didn't even realize...it seriously was one of the best sets....so glad i made it back from dinner in time.
7 years ago
daifukumochi (level 11) wrote:
Oh my gad. This is the best 8-bit bullsheeeeit evarrrr. I'd give you mad fireworks.
7 years ago