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Temple Scene

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templescene: @bittybyte Making plans for the next album!
posted 6 years ago
posted 6 years ago
The album is officially out! Follow us on Twitter and you'll be the first to know when we upload the songs to TheSixtyOne!

posted 6 years ago

We’d  like to thank Mike Healy for allowing us to use his picture for the cover of ‘A Good Day To Disappear’. We knew as soon as we saw it that it was a perfect fit for our music! Check out more of his work at DIIGITAL.

posted 6 years ago

Temple Scene are back with their first full-length album, ‘A Good Day To Disappear’, 11 new songs that draw on themes as wide as border escape and alien abduction to enfold the listener in a world that is both poignant and intensely personal.

‘A Good Day To Disappear’ draws on the duo’s years of studio work with the likes of U2, The Verve and Bassment Jaxx, distilling their experiences into their unique style of dark, atmospheric pop, deftly mixing infectious melodies with swirling electronica and guitars.

The album is due to hit all major download stores soon, but mailing list members are getting special advance access to the album! Join up now with the form on the top-right of our site and we’ll send you the details – and you’ll also get 3 exclusive free tracks!

posted 6 years ago
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Temple Scene’s atmospheric pop deftly mixes infectious melodies with swirling layers of electronica and guitars.
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unclefesta (level 42) wrote:
One of the very best things to happen to the 61! :-)
11 days ago
SarahxJane (level 34) wrote:

I miss your music.
16 days ago
forgottenprince (level 35) wrote:
You guys around?? T61 is back and won't be the same until we get some new Temple Scene!
19 days ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Hey, where are you guys?
6 years ago
dusanvf (level 25) wrote:
I love all of your stuff, fantastic music,.
6 years ago
sib (level 12) wrote:
fantastic song!
6 years ago
davidgiddings (level 24) wrote:
Guys i really like your sound. your lyrics, your music is great. well done.
6 years ago
Van Risseghem wrote:
Man...I never do this sort of thing...but I have caught you on a couple different websites and really enjoyed your music. As a musician I appreciate hearing melodies that stand out. You've got a lot of respectable material here, good sirs.
6 years ago
Bastianus (level 21) wrote:
May Avenue, definetivly my favorite! very good music made, guys!
6 years ago
indilean (level 12) wrote:
I love your stuff guys, really getting into "By The Wayside" now.
6 years ago
icarusmonad (level 16) wrote:
oh, I will. I really really like that song.
6 years ago
dezkicks (level 14) wrote:
Love the album Good Day to Disappear! Had to buy it.
6 years ago
icarusmonad (level 16) wrote:
please please please please please make "change is on the wind" available for download, I can't find it on itunes or amazon anywhere, and I really want to have this song on my ipod.
6 years ago
Angellightwolf (level 4) wrote:
Thank you! Your music is so full of mystic wonder it sends me to the heavens.
6 years ago
heyybabyxx (level 19) wrote:
this song is so great, keep up the good work.
6 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
I will never grow tired of listening to you guys.
6 years ago
renecop545 (level 16) wrote:
All ur songs r great. Definitely one of the artists I listen to the most here
6 years ago
pilvi (level 12) wrote:
Just discovered you guys on thesixtyone. I've listed to three songs so far and they are all great!
6 years ago
libby (level 16) wrote:
Hi guys....loving your new song May Avenue....you know I'm a big fan, can always count on awesome music !!
6 years ago
zenfira (level 32) wrote:
May Avenue...awesome!
6 years ago