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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Katy Perry

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Perry was born in Santa Barbara, California. The middle child of two pastors, she grew up listening to gospel music and singing in church. In her teenage years, Perry found a Queen record, “and the heavens opened and saved me. From then on, they have been my biggest influence,” she said. In an article for Blender Magazine, Perry stated she wasn’t “a typical Christian”, mentioning that she had done a “lot of bad things” during her adolescence. Among her musical influences are Queen, The Beach Boys, Heart, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Alanis Morissette.

In her early career she toured churches and released a gospel album in the U.S. under the name Katy Hudson.

At the age of 17, Perry began working with legendary producer and songwriter Glen Ballard. Her songs captured the attention of Virgin Records CEO Jason Flom, the head of Capitol Music Group. Katy Perry was signed to Capitol Music in Spring of 2007. She was named Blender’s “Next Big Thing” in October 2004 and Teen People’s “One to Watch.”

Her songs appeared on MTV’s series “The Hills” (“Self-Infli... (+) expand
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jkdeadite (level 19) wrote:
That Electric Feel cover is REALLY great. I'm not normally a fan, but that's a fucking great song.
7 years ago
pnogal32 (level 6) wrote:
I'm not sure if you're really one of those modern pop artists who makes music worth anything more than a top spot, but I can tell you that your songs are ridiculously catchy, and that your album just always makes me sing along. Also, your "Electric Feel" cover is primo :)
7 years ago
bitterman13 (level 1) wrote:
i love this and i love you
7 years ago
renata (level 22) wrote:
your lyrics are awesome :)
7 years ago
livingforthecity (level 12) wrote:
turn me on with your electric feel

in tallahassee, florida
7 years ago
jordanleigh (level 13) wrote:
my favorite is electric feel!
7 years ago
shandye (level 9) wrote:
i love this version more that MGMT's.
7 years ago
Bisketz (level 25) wrote:
Smokin HOTTT, and a voice to match!
7 years ago
Jenna Bryson wrote:
I love this girl. She really has a voice; I saw her perform a solo acoustic show a few years ago, before all the "Kissed a Girl" madness, and she just blew me away with her pipes. Give her a chance -- she's truly more than just a smokin' hot pop star.
8 years ago
inafets (level 23) wrote:
I love Electric Feel too - I don't know why people are hating on it either! Its a sweet style that I didn't know the song could have. Bump city!
8 years ago
bdpq (level 12) wrote:
I'm with you brooksnt. Plus, her cover is money.
8 years ago
brooksnt (level 24) wrote:
Loved the "Electric Feel" cover. Not sure why people feel the need to leave negative comments. Should she go un-sing it for you? If you don't like it, don't bump it.
8 years ago
tdiepiv (level 13) wrote:
MGMT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kate perry
8 years ago
imarobot (level 11) wrote:
Nope. MGMT did it so much better. Just no.
8 years ago
SarahxJane (level 35) wrote:
I Kissed A Girl is so catchy. :)
8 years ago
KarlNostram (level 8) wrote:
Hi again Katy, Haven't stopped playing your album. I have even copied the songs to my Nokia cell phone, so I can play at work and I love the title track "One Of The Boys". I hope that's your next single. Also, just downloaded "Hot n Cold (Manhattan Clique Remix) off iTunes. I love it, great mix. Hope your concert in Sacramento went well tonight. I was in Sacramento in September. A lovely city. Tried to get tickets for your February '09 UK tours. "SOLD OUT" everywhere : ( Oh well, hope to attend a concert one day. Take care xox
8 years ago
KarlNostram (level 8) wrote:
Hi Katy, bought your album here today in the UK and I love it. I especially love, "Hot n Cold", which the single is due for general release here in the UK on Monday November 24th. I also loved your previous hit, "I kissed a girl". Great music and a great voice. Good luck with your music career Katy and look forward to hearing more great songs from you soon. xox
8 years ago
Butterfly2986 (level 13) wrote:
Also, I agree, the original for I kissed a girl should be up, it's huge, I love it. Have you heard Max's version of it?
8 years ago
Butterfly2986 (level 13) wrote:
Hey! Love your rendition of electric feel! Just added it :)
8 years ago
JasonDaRiver (level 33) wrote:
You're fit but you know it.
8 years ago