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Mackintosh Braun

electronic and pop     1223 listeners
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Our new album Where We Are is OUT NOW!!
we just uploaded the first single 'Could It Be' which you can download for free here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uupy_3WvVQI

www.mackintoshbraun.com for more info!

-- ian & ben
posted 5 years ago
Ok.. We just uploaded "Raincrest".
now you can stream every song on our album The Sound right here!

New album info and more coming soon...
posted 6 years ago
Just posted our song "Stuck"
if you like it, go get our album "The Sound".
iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, Ect...
We love you!!
posted 6 years ago
New song posted...
"Now" off our debut album "The Sound"
You can also catch this song on this season of MTV's The Real World!
give us your feedback we love it... and stay tuned for our new album. almost done!
posted 6 years ago
just posted "My Time" off of our album The Sound..
love it.!!
posted 6 years ago
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Mackintosh Braun is an Oregon based electronic duo. Their debut album “The Sound” is already a cult classic, reaching listeners all over the world.
“The idea was to create an album that you didn’t have to skip through, hopefully this is one of those albums for people.” Combining a creative blend of organic instrumentation with electronic glich-pop, Mackintosh Braun accomplishes a feat that few achieve.
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TheSizzle (level 19) wrote:
Whaaaat?? You guys have been on thesixtyone this whole time? "Where We Are" is a flippin' masterpiece. Both my dad & I bought copies in recent history. Please keep recording music forever.
17 days ago
Ginarae (level 2) wrote:
6 years ago
mymrtwo (level 29) wrote:
For those of you around PDX, these guys will be doing a show with Purse Candy here -


This will happen at 8pm on 23JAN2010. I only wish I could be there...
6 years ago
rapid release wrote:
super voice
6 years ago
theheadchange (level 11) wrote:
Yay. You guys may be the only other Oregonian musicians I've seen here~! I dig your work, if you feel so inclined check out Opposed 1 its my electronic solo project.
6 years ago
Pandoraa (level 8) wrote:
6 years ago
Yevette (level 12) wrote:
WOWWZZAAA!! Fantastic Music, will be back with many Hearts :)
6 years ago
Guile (level 6) wrote:
Mackintosh Braun = amazing.
6 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
Nice tunes!
6 years ago
CaseyFallenListenerPage (level 24) wrote:
I'm a huge fan! Got the new album download. Wll be buying the C.D. soon from C.D. Baby. Good to see you guys again. When you come to L.A. to play I would love to play a show with you guys. Please write me at my official site if I could.
6 years ago
noises (level 3) wrote:
Enourmous sounding music. Sometimes reminds me of We Are Smug, but with a dirtier, more cutting edge, um, edge.
6 years ago
Rachael Allison Morgan wrote:
mackintosh braun... so hot right now.

especially the braun. ;)
6 years ago
tonechameleon (level 4) wrote:
Great music guys, just bought your album. =)
6 years ago
JMAC11 (level 10) wrote:
I'm feelin' ringtones in the future, yes.
6 years ago
ulrichspuler (level 26) wrote:
The Sound disc is amazing, every songs the best...
thanks your music Mackintosh Braun :-)
6 years ago
Andrewm (level 2) wrote:
this is wonderful music. I am going to buy your album. have you thought of coming to gig in london? Andrew
6 years ago
melodyanne (level 14) wrote:
your music is amazing. i love the bass in all of them, and i listen to at least one of your songs every day.
6 years ago
ulrichspuler (level 26) wrote:
All his songs are spectacular...
Waiting for the new disc, thanks
6 years ago
davidaarong (level 22) wrote:
Hey Ben, Just wondering if you would be interested in lending your vocals to a track from my Odd Year project:


theoddyear (at) gmail.com
6 years ago
C0LDST0RAGE (level 3) wrote:
Nice tight production... ;O)
6 years ago