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David Seume

alternative and vocal     80 listeners


1. Arrowhead
2. mathman...
3. rayman
4. rtfulle...
5. smalles...


1. madcat8
2. HippieR...
3. NilsEr
4. teacher
5. mathman...
Seume's debut album, "It Is What It Is", now available at iTunes, AmazonMP3, and store.grassland-records.com


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posted 7 years ago
David Seume self-released his debut album, It Is What It Is, on the label he started, Grassland Records in December 2008. The distinctive music found on this album, ranging from the spiritually and politically motivated, “The Fire,” to the delightfully upbeat, “Will Ya Be My Friend,” triumphantly finds a rare balance of dark and light, melancholy and sweetness. He shakes off genres by innovatively infusing rock ‘n’ roll with the sounds of soul and the lyrics of a natural-born poet. All the while, the vocabulary of his music seduces you with lyrics like: “If love is the answer, why don’t we make it? We’re too busy lying, not getting naked.”On top of performing vocals, guitars, keyboards, and several other instruments on the album, Seume also produced, recorded, and mixed every track. Since he’s written all the songs and lyrics too, it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s put everything he has into this record. “Doing things yourself has its difficulties, but you learn as you go and are freed to direct the art” he points out.His DIY approach has fostered a top notch debut record and a growing grassroots following of his unprocessed, yet polished, sound of rock ‘n’ soul.
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natlanticstorm (level 30) wrote:
Really enjoying Friends Like These. Will be checking out the rest of your music shortly and posting you to my group - The Good Traveler.

7 years ago
Moe Rock wrote:
hows it going
7 years ago
PurpleDingo (level 28) wrote:
Alright, "Something You May Wanna Know" definitely gets some bump-love.
8 years ago
EFaidley (level 30) wrote:
I really like Apple Tree and Something You May Wanna Know. Thank You for the heads up!
8 years ago
huliwuxian (level 40) wrote:
hell yeah, great new tunes!
8 years ago
pablotee (level 36) wrote:
excellent tunes ~ congrats on the new album !
8 years ago
Arrowhead (level 37) wrote:
I like the way you roll, seume. I'm hopping on board.
8 years ago
pablotee (level 36) wrote:
very groovy sound
vancouver digs it
8 years ago
David Seume wrote:
Album soon to be released
8 years ago