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We Ain't Like Everyone.
posted 8 years ago
In an era when critics and rappers themselves jump to declare the death of hip hop, 22 year-old Wale Folarin has been breathing new life into the genre through dazzling wordplay, a fresh sound steeped in DC's legendary go-go scene, and boundless on-stage energy.

2006 saw Wale conquer DC, Maryland and Virginia with a slew of original radio hits and electrifying shows that solidified his buzz in the Mid-Atlantic.

2007 has been even brighter, with Wale garnering press in The Fader, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, The Source, URB, HipHopGame.com, AllHipHop.com, and even a piece on MTV, all without a major label deal. With heavy radio rotation in DC, Maryland and Virginia, along with mixshow spins on both costs, Wale has sold out shows in LA, New York, San Francisco, Philly and Atlanta. Wale has also taken the European music festival circuit by storm, touring with world-famous DJ and superproducer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen). With well over 1 million plays on MySpace, Wale is an organic hip hop and lifestyle phenomenon, and the release of his third and most widely-distributed mixtape, 100 MILES AND RUNNING (15,000+ down... (+) expand
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jensos (level 4) wrote:
Nice rhyme! Happy new year to all of you!
1 year ago
MindBoxMusic (level 11) wrote:
dude check out my dude wale, or whoever takes care of the webpage

7 years ago
kiirstin (level 10) wrote:
That's my boy!
7 years ago
jesssboxer (level 25) wrote:
GO-GO!!! Yessssssssssss............!!!
7 years ago
The Infantry wrote:
Your rhyme to D.A.N.C.E. was unreal man. Keep it up!

Take it Easy

of The Infantry
7 years ago
theheadchange (level 11) wrote:
Nice work!
7 years ago
JasonPeck (level 11) wrote:
keep rocking it man!
7 years ago
harvbarr36 (level 8) wrote:
damn WALE you are killing it
7 years ago
UrbanGeekBlog (level 1) wrote:
Man this is hard. We are always a fan. How can we interview you on TheEargasm.com? We would love to feature you on our online music magazine.

Any artist wanting to be feature on our site please visit us at http://www.theeargasm.com/mixtapes

7 years ago
sweet66talker (level 11) wrote:
your songs have great beats, they make my booty bounce !
7 years ago
crzysktls (level 10) wrote:
WALE you are awesome!! keep up the great work
7 years ago
StephanZimkin (level 1) wrote:
dude your shits tight , if you got any originals you want in a film or soundtrack hit me back an ill make it happen .
7 years ago
neka (level 21) wrote:
Nice Justice remix~
7 years ago
Suffex (level 1) wrote:
but it is a little hard for a foreigner like me to understand this song...^_^
7 years ago
davedash (level 11) wrote:
Really like the justice and gorillaz mix... they flow nicely into your music.
7 years ago
mjtorain (level 1) wrote:
Catch him at the Virgin FREEfest on August 30! Get your free tickets quick though
7 years ago
Poopface1167 (level 17) wrote:
how can you not dig someone dropping some justice as a back beat?
7 years ago
SomalianPirate (level 12) wrote:
WALE you are friggin fantastic
7 years ago
SexyBecca (level 17) wrote:
Got your album today.. Very good
7 years ago
strangeGravy (level 14) wrote:
Kayne West, oh no, just follow of his style. Just like in the Eminem days.
7 years ago