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King Tut

alternative and rock     2821 listeners
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marcares (level 31) wrote:
The sonic treasures of King Tut.
4 months ago
gretchen (level 35) wrote:
T61 is back!! Hopee You guys make an appearance too...

♬ ♩ ♭ ♪ ♥
5 months ago
AMY wrote:
yous guys make my ears sag like dumbo. takes me on adventures
6 years ago
thisxcantxexist (level 25) wrote:
Keep em coming! Always a treat!
6 years ago
Exit (level 28) wrote:
Going slowly but yes, very much. I'd love to talk with you on the phone if you're available. Let me know when a good time would be.
6 years ago
Exit (level 28) wrote:
The Sea is Gorgeous!
6 years ago
thoughtDOTexecute (level 10) wrote:
amazing flow and sound.
6 years ago
bunnyface (level 11) wrote:
luv luv luv ... gorgeous sound, keep it up!
6 years ago
hippieonatricycle (level 25) wrote:
6 years ago
jackieborrie (level 13) wrote:
6 years ago
allmixedup058 (level 15) wrote:
Definitely diggin' the sea. as always, can't wait to hear more!
6 years ago
MaggotsandRoses (level 7) wrote:
amazing sound, guys. Keep it up!
6 years ago
Eloy (level 11) wrote:
Great sound
6 years ago
sitcommunist (level 34) wrote:
cheers to King Tut and Cheers to Asheville!... Glad to hear some goodness from my old stomping ground. Love you guys' sound.
6 years ago
ubberfish (level 14) wrote:
I like the new song! I'm waiting for Christmas for my new camera, the other broke..haha.

I should be making a new video soon after that. Most likely with Come Home or Immortal Soul, I haven't decided yet.
6 years ago
brookinmatilda (level 31) wrote:
Sweet new track, congrats guys:)
6 years ago
SuperDuperLlama (level 1) wrote:
Your music is AMAZING!!!! Its all I have been listening to for the past week!!
6 years ago
thisxcantxexist (level 25) wrote:
Really enjoying the nude erections!!!
6 years ago
EXiTMind (level 29) wrote:
The Sea rules. Do you know the artist Mice Parade? Reminds me of them. One of my absolute favorites. Brilliant work, as always, your Majesty. ;-)
6 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
and cat is here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6 years ago