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Rose Red

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Rose Red is a side project of Holly from TURMOIL. The music ranges from ambient to dark ambient to experimental music. For me this is an outlet for all my frustrations in life and the world in general. I use experimental recording techniques in order to capture the dark feelings I hold deep inside.

To get the FREE downloads of all of my music visit my website at:


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musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
I agree with geonimodeleon. Torn, Stained & Bloody is wonderful. Listening to it now. Sounds like the abandoned factories inside my brain!
6 years ago
geronimodeleon (level 20) wrote:
Came Across your work in Skryfet's radio.
Thanks for Torn, Stained and Bloody : )
Reminds me of the acoustics of an abandoned factory I used to make noise with/ in.
6 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
Just posted my first song if you want to take a listen and see what you think. just an instrumental but you might like it. thanks and keep doin what you do.

Tonights Entertainment - Rock Candy Mountain

its featured on my page too in case thats easier. thanks again
6 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
sounds great. thanks alot. looking forward to it!
6 years ago
dagburks (level 28) wrote:
Listening to Magnum Opus - brilliant piece. So dark and brooding... More hearts when I get my re-up.
6 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
This is an escape for me while at work. Much needed and much appreciated. id like to use something of yours as a background for one of my songs. so if you are interested in a collaboration effort let me know how to contact you and ill send you some of my info. keep it up!
6 years ago
EXiTMind (level 28) wrote:
Dammit...well now I'm listening via Incognitus radio.... and of course.... I don't have any hearts atm...stupid system...anyway..hm...one hour till t61midnight... ;-)
6 years ago
Spabb (level 11) wrote:
Like yo stuff homie. I heart yah all over. :)
6 years ago
EXiTMind (level 28) wrote:
Well hell, if the rack keeps bringing back to hear different songs, I guess thats one way to do it... ;-)
6 years ago
EXiTMind (level 28) wrote:
Catchin ya on the rack...cool....i'll be back...
6 years ago
noirette (level 16) wrote:
Fantastically expansive, atmospheric. The effect on the mind is very peaceful. Unresolved is very moving.
7 years ago