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PDF Format

electronic and dance     343 listeners


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My EP came out. And i'm working on another one immediately entitled "I love final fantasy" It's a 5 song suite of music inspired by final fantasy (but not necessarily in that STYLE). SURPRISED?
posted 7 years ago
My new EP is coming out very soon. It contains some new gems! However, the only way to get it is by joining the label's facebook group that's releasing it.


everyone in the group will get messaged a URL and a password! SPOOKY!
posted 7 years ago
Born from the trumpestuous mind crystal of Ra-shiral, PDF format emerged, an infant, on a world he did not know or understand. Struggling to compute your human ways, he adopted the guise of a musician, and began pumping out amzing danceable rocking electronic 8bit + guitar + vocals storms of sonic fury.

He praises your species for its potential.

And lives by a credo:

- Just be awesome
- Don’t think
- If you think something is awesome, be that, and stop thinking about it.
- fear no villain
- DaMaGe nothing
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utkwes (level 28) wrote:
Unless "PDF" is an acronym for something other than
"Portable Document Format"...

"PDF Format" is redundant.
Sad day.

Otherwise, cool beans.
7 years ago
BakaRobotoInu (level 11) wrote:
Heard your rendition of 'You won't get with me tonight" on the 8-bit weezer album, it's awesome to find you on thesixtyone!

7 years ago
dovin (level 19) wrote:
i love the chaos that is Cloud Factory!
7 years ago
craigmiresears (level 28) wrote:
whoa, this is pretty sick
7 years ago
ZoeHolland99 (level 11) wrote:
7 years ago
zeckta (level 1) wrote:
i hope to see you some day here in méxico or at least in america :P
7 years ago
PDF Format wrote:
Yeah did you see me at Pop Montreal?
7 years ago
slorrin (level 10) wrote:
Did you see PDF at pop montreal?
7 years ago
neuralien (level 29) wrote:
hey! just found out that you're playing at Pop Montreal! That's pretty awesome. I'll see if I can get some tickets. Hope to see you there!
7 years ago
elgee (level 18) wrote:
Stay Awesome. :)
7 years ago
pennylane (level 31) wrote:
Awesome, following you now!
7 years ago
PDF Format wrote:
@pennylane I am going to be putting all my stuff online soon enough for sale at remarkably low prices. follow me on twitter for more info, twitter.com/pdfformat
7 years ago
sanjalydia (level 9) wrote:
like it :D more 8 bit stuff!!!!!
7 years ago
pennylane (level 31) wrote:
Is there somewhere I can buy your music or something? You're the only reason I'm using t61 right now.
7 years ago
pennylane (level 31) wrote:
@QN - And I shall continue to do so!!

Is there any way we can get your EP if we weren't in the group before it came out? I really want to be able to listen to your stuff on my mp3 player.
7 years ago
euphidime (level 2) wrote:
Your music is great, but the F in PDF stands for format. :(
7 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 31) wrote:
@pennylane - And so, she did.
7 years ago
Jack Menhorn wrote:
Glad to see more great chiptunes on here! Check out my stuff when you get a chance!
7 years ago
pennylane (level 31) wrote:
I want to give you all of my hearts forever.
7 years ago
CordwainerBird (level 32) wrote:
i think i just fell in love <3

looove the 8bit =)
7 years ago