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Sunny Pierrot

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Good to be back.
posted 2 months ago
Thanks for the great reception for "This Day of Electricity." I've been really busy getting ready for school but I will try my best to answer all your comments! Thanks again!
posted 6 years ago
YAY!!! Thanks to everyone for hearting "It's Your Birthday" onto the homepage! Awesome!
posted 6 years ago
New song up!!! "It's Your Birthday"

I hope it actually is your birthday today.

That would be funny.

posted 6 years ago
Hey guys! I just want to say thanks for all the hearts! It makes me happy. I'm working on some new stuff that should be posted soon. Kisses.
posted 6 years ago
This is a good time.
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Mars wrote:
6 years ago
GingerTigris (level 27) wrote:
Awesome tunes. In one of your pictures you look like you're in my old Halls of Residence!
6 years ago
ndatta222 (level 29) wrote:
your stuff is sick man! i'm rockin it out at work :-D
6 years ago
John Pulte wrote:
Sweet songs man
6 years ago
PDXJosh (level 11) wrote:
Wow, fantastic energy. Makes me want to get up and dance~ Make more!
6 years ago
mattclark2 (level 17) wrote:
Big props on This Day of Electricity, very much a unique sound, and a great one at that. I'll be back once i'm done with this damned refined taste quest with some hearts !
6 years ago
cyamour (level 10) wrote:
Kitten loves my face. A lot. <3
6 years ago
McThousand (level 37) wrote:
give me new new. you know what i mean.

your socks suck. i can feel the seems in my right big toe. it's balls.
6 years ago
xDreamsNeverLastx (level 11) wrote:
oh my goodness. ♥
I cannot wait for more.
6 years ago
Torocski (level 23) wrote:
I just found your music... I enjoy it much, as well as your band name, and use of Futura. I really want to make a track with you, what do you think?
6 years ago
therealitysoldier (level 23) wrote:
"This day of Electricty" FTW. I wish I could write stuff that fun. Cheers!
6 years ago
juliuspipo (level 20) wrote:
this is the my favorite song "This Day of Electricity " yea!!
6 years ago
violetosa (level 31) wrote:
this day of electricity is one of my favorites in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ youuuuuuuuuuuuu
6 years ago
lobsterhead (level 28) wrote:
you are so fucking cool
6 years ago
oceanhammer (level 23) wrote:
i cant believe it either!
6 years ago
Guns Of Liberty wrote:
I like it man !!
This Day of Electricity is very delicious
6 years ago
stran12 (level 9) wrote:
I like This Day of Electricity very much!
6 years ago
SunnyDays (level 20) wrote:
Buenisimo !
6 years ago
waltdiggs (level 24) wrote:
Putting 'This Day of Electricity' on a CD right now, getting in my car, and turning the volume on blast. Thanks for that! :-)
6 years ago
The Polish Ambassador wrote:
digging this sound.
6 years ago