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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Delta Spirit

rock and folk     360 listeners


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Hailing from San Diego, this 5 piece band is causing a stir in the indie blogosphere. With impassioned live performances they’ve toured with Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Dr. Dog. The lyrics are soulful and slightly tongue tying, and the music is typically quick and loud. With influences ranging from classic rock, blues, country, and some folk music, Delta Spirit takes charged lyrics along with tangy folk instruments, to form a sound unlike anyone else.

In 2006 they debuted with the EP I Think I’ve Found It!, followed in September 2007 by their self-produced first full length release Ode To Sunshine.
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just1six (level 7) wrote:

check out the "People Turn Around" video on this link. This is Delta Spirit at their best. Its a Take Away Show!!! (Live and lovely in a park which I think is somewhere in San Fransisco)
7 years ago
nichathaway (level 7) wrote:
Amazing live show!!!!!! I saw them play with the shins, the showed them up!
7 years ago
oreo137 (level 9) wrote:
These guys put on an excellent live show. I've seen them 4 times and counting. Great music.
7 years ago
thomasvs (level 21) wrote:
Chance discovery when I saw them open for Nada Surf on a trip to New York. Love at first sight! They're actually better and rougher live. When I mention them to friends I usually present them as a blend of Walkmen, Gomez and the sunniness of the Beach Boys. I'm sure I could do better if I gave it more thought, but I never do because this particular track is so excellent. My favourite bit is the part where the guitar takes off like an alarm, and the background voices go 'whooooo'
7 years ago
Riley wrote:
Uh oh...Did Delta Spirit and Riley just become friends?
7 years ago
paulcarr84 (level 9) wrote:
Great tune!
7 years ago
hayes (level 31) wrote:

check this out. what up san francisco.
7 years ago
Ericv (level 12) wrote:
the picture in which the band is sitting outside of a golden spoon was taken across the street from my school, its an epic landmark. one of the best bands to come out of socal <3
7 years ago
hannnnnah (level 29) wrote:
Delta Spirit makes me want to throw confetti high in the air and yell "woooopie!!!" they are sooo awesome! I like Trashcan and People C'mon. Keep up the amazing work guys!
8 years ago
mcbrendan (level 35) wrote:
post more music, please. your songs are awesome.
Trashcan = my fav song on this website.
8 years ago
ashleykbearfield (level 7) wrote:
i'm in love
8 years ago
soulmole (level 13) wrote:
Great sound! Love Trashcan.
8 years ago
geetargrll (level 17) wrote:
Thanks so much for adding Trashcan...I love it!
8 years ago
geetargrll (level 17) wrote:
I'm in the mood for some Trashcan -- any chance I'll see it here soon? Diggin' your stuff! ~geetargrll
8 years ago
BryceRules08 (level 9) wrote:
its so good.
8 years ago
gbakergb (level 42) wrote:
great gtr sounds... what r u using???
9 years ago
batface89 (level 45) wrote:
Do you fly Delta or do you fly Spirit ;-) I really like the songs. Really good.
9 years ago