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Lex Zaleta

rock and folk     354 listeners
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Just submitted my 500th song here at the old t61. Many say that is 500 too many, but I disagree ... maybe 495 too many ... OK, 496.
posted 9 months ago
"Who Is Your Paul?" is not playing on t61 right now. You can hear it on my site - www.LexZaleta.com - under the WHO IS YOUR PAUL? tab on my home page. It was written for the album, "WHO IS YOUR PAUL? Songs from the Prison of Addiction," to support the PRAY FOR PAUL Facebook page campaign. Any donation of $1 or more gets you the entire album, and all funds go directly to raising awareness of the damage addiction does to everyone -- the addicts, their families, their friends, their communities, their countries.
posted 1 year ago
Jonathan Duncan (Sunsparc) has started a petition to save t61:
posted 2 years ago

A - Ages and ages ago
B - Before the race we know
C - Ceased to pray aloud
D - Demons were cast out (with relative)
E - Ease and every
F - Effort was made to keep
G - Jesus alive in the
H - Eight churches and the
I - Islands that lay
J - Adjacent -- but the day
K - Came when great numbers of
L - Eloquent philosophers, false love
M - Emissaries from the East,
N - Engulfed all nations and The Beast
O - Opened wide the door for scoundrels,
and no
P - Pea shooter prayers from cathedrals and
Q - Cubicles, no high-sounding
R - Articles of faith will allow us to
S - Escape what has followed us here from
T - Teepee to the freeway where
U - Euphemisms abound and veer in endless
V - Vehicular homicidal
W - Double U-turns until all LOVE
X - EXPIRES in a messy wave, an ever-
Y - Widening wave of senseless
Z - (Xenophobic) frenzy

Copyright © 2011 Lex Zaleta
posted 5 years ago
You can always find me at www.LexZaleta.com

The owner of Cherrypeel.com is willing to take all t61 refugee suggestions for shaping his site to their desires. Imagine that ... a site owner who listens and responds! - Lex -
posted 6 years ago
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Just an old, retired English teacher trying to find some real musicians to do my songs up right. Please visit my website when you have time - www.LexZaleta.com - Thanks!
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Lairdy123 (level 14) wrote:
Used up all my hearts again
1 day ago
Lairdy123 (level 14) wrote:
Lex all your songs have such great lyrics! And there are so many of them
1 month ago
trestini (level 25) wrote:
Great stuff Lex. Thanks for continuing to share your music...
1 month ago
Diego77 (level 9) wrote:
Thanks Lex!
2 months ago
CCDC (level 30) wrote:
Been awhile Lex! Stopping in to get my fix =)
2 months ago
Robin Carretti wrote:
I love your music your voice comes right through the song great sound & voice...
2 months ago
chiefhigh (level 45) wrote:
Boom !! 'Have To Have Two' #500 posted today !! Congratulations !!
9 months ago
icinglady (level 33) wrote:
Another great addition to the homepage, thanks for sharing.
9 months ago
pinkjeans (level 38) wrote:
There can never be too many good songs. KEEP THEM COMING.
9 months ago
electric om wrote:
Respect buddy. So sad artists can't really work here. Cool tunes!
9 months ago
icinglady (level 33) wrote:
Another song to to the home page! It's a great one too. Thanks for sharing.
10 months ago
Batsceba (level 35) wrote:
10 months ago
icinglady (level 33) wrote:
You made it! Yeah!
11 months ago
NilsEr (level 44) wrote:
Right on, Lex! Home page! W000000t!!!
11 months ago
zoeyz11 (level 25) wrote:
Congrats on hittin' the first page! Hope all is well in your corner of the world!
11 months ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Great guitar and vibe! Man

Bye Friend
11 months ago
redbaron (level 31) wrote:
You're very welcome -- nice sound! : )
11 months ago
LEXZ1 (level 41) wrote:
Many thanks, pinkjeans! You broke my six-year streak of no comments on my artist page.
12 months ago
pinkjeans (level 38) wrote:
WOW, Music can do a lot. If one person hears this song and does something, it matters. We can not cure every problem alone but a little can help someone. One step at a time. Send a dollar to the soup kitchen, IT HELPS.
12 months ago
anakinlimon (level 27) wrote:
Ty Lex!!! Ty for your music and your dedication, I really deeply admire you!!!!!
6 years ago