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Levi Weaver

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leviweaver: I think the definition of "Important Question" might be "any question that cannot be answered outright by Google."
posted 7 years ago
leviweaver: Atheists / Christians: "I’m not sure which side will be more uncomfortable reading this." (New Blog Post) http://bit.ly/6RlwrD
posted 7 years ago
leviweaver: @voxbaryton, @hprocksoff: I cannot speak highly enough of bandcamp.com - absolutely the best music hosting/distribution site I've seen.
posted 7 years ago
leviweaver: Rule: when YOU need an electrical outlet, you must move 5 pieces of furniture to find one, but when a baby is around, they are omnipresent.
posted 7 years ago
leviweaver: @hartleymanages - I haven't checked, but I'll bet you five dollars your last name is a trending topic right now.
posted 7 years ago
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It's never been the normal way for Levi Weaver.

Forget for a moment that his dad was a professional rodeo cowboy and a missionary.

Set aside that he moved to England for two years just... because.

And let's move past the fact that at one point, he was studying to be a baseball play-by-play announcer.

Even when he finally settled on a career, it's still been anything but normal for Levi.

"Oh, there's no way I can ever give career advice. I got my big break by winning a MySpace contest. I mean, c'mon." Weaver says with a wry grin.

That "Big Break" started as a support slot for Imogen Heap on the Birmingham stop of her 2006 UK tour, but very quickly became something more when the Grammy Nominee asked Levi to join her on her entire North American tour.

Since then, abnormal has continued to be the norm. After releasing his debut LP, the 2008 release "You Are Never Close To Home, You Are Never Far From Home" Weaver logged about 30,000 miles playing mostly house shows... in a 1993 Honda Accord.

Now, Weaver is back with another offering, "The Letters of Dr. Kurt Gödel".

"This one is even more personal, actually" says Weaver. "I set out to write and record an experiment... (+) expand
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Idioteque covered by Levi Weaver
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puercagin (level 10) wrote:
"We're tornadoes when we dance" well say it ,)
2 months ago
lucycbaldwin (level 12) wrote:
I love your music! The only reason I haven't already bought your $25 package is because of address confusion (moving) and money shortage. Consider it a done deal. x
7 years ago
silvercord wrote:
digging 'i am certain i am a train', Levi!
7 years ago
Peppe (level 31) wrote:
Simply beautiful music!!
7 years ago
tomerr (level 14) wrote:
love what u do, the live version of idioteque on youtube is amazing..you should definitely post it here as well! thanks for the music
7 years ago
hackneygirl (level 20) wrote:
I love your voice =)
7 years ago
meganincolour (level 9) wrote:
You make my soul smile.
7 years ago
Aldark (level 25) wrote:
7 years ago
h1pbones (level 15) wrote:
"We're Tornadoes When We Dance" is hauntingly beautiful. In fact, it may have just made my week. Thank you for that.
7 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
Great stuff Levi. Best Idoteque cover ive ever heard, and ive heard too many : )
Loving the album and your lyrics especially. Keep it up!

Sweet T - Tonights Entertainment
7 years ago
problematique (level 9) wrote:
I adored We're Tornadoes When We Dance.
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
We're tornadoes when we Dance is fantastic. Thank you .

7 years ago
mstksg (level 24) wrote:
these songs are brilliant; thank you so much for putting them on here.
7 years ago
Platypuss (level 12) wrote:
Wow.. the greatest version of idioteque ive heard.

7 years ago
lust (level 25) wrote:
i like your whimsical songs, but i love the little notes you write for us listeners
7 years ago
timyjl (level 40) wrote:
Hey Levi,
I just heard We're Tornadoes When We Dance. Fantastic.

I truly hope you are able to afford that unicorn.
7 years ago
nonvance wrote:
your music is wonderful :)
7 years ago
toriviruette (level 27) wrote:
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your music.
7 years ago
zissou24 (level 12) wrote:
Really good stuff...I hear remnants of Elliot Smith in your voice. Keep it up!
7 years ago
paulagroff (level 23) wrote:
Greeeeeat! And an amazing way to start a sunny brazilian morning.
7 years ago