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Alex Grant

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What is art? Here is an answer I love from an old friend, divemaster and underwater videographer: "I define art and artists by noting that they show us the same world we live in but from a perspective that we have not attained, and probably could not attain, without that art. Some of that is because we are all individuals and we all see things differently but mere difference, in itself, does not make it art. Art has a rare and hard to define quality to it which we recognize even if we cannot reproduce or explain it.
Art it is evocative and rich. It produces emotions and conjures up images that were just around some corner before we experienced it. Art may not necessarily make our perceptions better - just different."
posted 5 years ago
Here's a new music video I just finished, shot in downtown Denver, CO, USA--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-aVnNSF2aQ
posted 6 years ago
The gentle ebb and flow of evening tide on a secluded beach.
posted 6 years ago
Late summer evening, cicadas singing, fireflies dancing beneath the elm tree.
posted 6 years ago
You're never too old for the unabashed fun of childhood.
posted 7 years ago
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Alex Grant knows that being fired was one of the most positive things that ever happened to him. Raised in a strict, orderly and loving family to be “something sensible, please”, he followed this direction for forty years, when he was abruptly let go from his job as general manager of a manufacturing firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Although approached by other companies in related fields, Alex decided at that point to really look at his life. “I had always loved writing and performing music, and had a deep desire to do so professionally”, he says thoughtfully. “I finally decided that if I didn’t take this opportunity to pursue what I most love to do, I’d probably kick myself when I was eighty!”

Grant’s odyssey actually began much earlier. Growing up in a rigid, academically-oriented environment, he excelled in school, and started at the University of Missouri-Columbia on both a full academic scholarship and a Navy ROTC scholarship. “My dream back then was to fly jets” Alex reminisces. But then, midway through his sophomore year, he started writing music-“it was like a floodgate had opened”.

So life-altering was the deluge that Grant very quickly left behind the scholarships and th... (+) expand
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suteruni (level 38) wrote:
and YES for me today woot woot
8 months ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
9 months ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 37) wrote:
How we would love to hear some new Alex Grant to celebrate the rebirth of T61. You are one of the most important finds for me here on this site. Your music has brought me years of joy.
1 year ago
ctull13 (level 34) wrote:
No, no... thank YOU for THAT :) Your music is simply amazing.
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Nice work, Alex.
7 years ago
clover (level 46) wrote:
Beautiful, again, Alex. Thanks
7 years ago
marcog (level 29) wrote:
It's a cruel world, Alex ;-)
7 years ago
marcog (level 29) wrote:
Great bio Grant, I was fired too some time ago but it's damn hard to sell 50,000 CDs :)
Loving Grand Ballroom!
7 years ago
rafaelbrandao (level 33) wrote:
Alex, you're truly amazing. Thanks for your music and have an excellent new year. :)
7 years ago
Esteban (level 6) wrote:
Every song is excellent and very soothing!
7 years ago
artmonster1204 (level 19) wrote:
I love coming here and listening to your music. Even the voices in my head stop talking to me and pay attention to the great work you produce. :0) You should come to Tucson for a concert appearance. It's 68 degrees under sunny skies...pretty tempting, huh?
7 years ago
Esteban (level 6) wrote:
Very delightful. Keep up the compositions!
7 years ago
leoraigarath (level 7) wrote:
Flight of the Ostrich is a beautiful and delicate composition, I loved the piano movements and the contrasting hands coordination. Beautiful work.

- Omri, Mindless Echoes
7 years ago
RisingTalent (level 9) wrote:
im not really even into classical music too much, but "Words Often Fail" is a great song!
7 years ago
Rob Broccolo wrote:
Just listened to The Weaver, Loved it!
7 years ago
Blueyedstallion (level 21) wrote:
listening to this for xmas!
7 years ago
artmonster1204 (level 19) wrote:
LIstening to Morning Wind. One thing I like about your music is you never do a bad song. Merry Christmas, Alex and may god bless you throughout the coming year.
7 years ago
suteruni (level 38) wrote:
I cannot thank you enough for the great music you make!
7 years ago
DraziJoe (level 13) wrote:
Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
7 years ago
skyarcade (level 11) wrote:
Your music is great to study to :) Very relaxing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
7 years ago