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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Caravan Quartet

jazz and instrumental     467 listeners


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The songs are also available on Itunes
posted 8 years ago

Caravan quartet c’est 4 musiciens, compositeurs, arrangeurs, certains auteurs, plus de 500 concerts à son actifs (Paris, Lille, Marseille, Monaco, etc….mais aussi Istambul, La Havane, Bruxelles, Genève, Lâhore, Karachi, etc…..), au théâtre avec Alain Sachs et J.C Brialy, musique de film, premières parties de Bratsch, Birélie Lagrène et d’autres. Mais c’est aussi quatre albums dont le disque de CARHABANA, projet de fusion swing manouche/latin jazz enregistré à La Havane et nominé aux victoires de la musique cubaine « Cubadisco 2007», fruit de la collaboration du CARAVAN Quartet et de musiciens de latin jazz cubains parmi les meilleurs au monde tel que Frank RUBIO (Grammy Award Latin Jazz pour « Live at the Village Vanguard » avec le pianiste Chucho VALDES), Thomas Ramon « el panga » ORTIZ (Grammy Award Latin Jazz pour « Cubanismo ») ou Rolando LUNA (pianiste lauréat du concours du « Montreux Jazz Festival » en 2007).
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Genji (level 35) wrote:
Great sound! I like it!
1 year ago
LeslieDC (level 21) wrote:
Love it!!
7 years ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
Ma miss de 10 ans se met a la guitare pour le jazz manouche. a l'écouter ce sont des dizaines de coeurs à vous attribuer. moumoune va rester dans son coeur. merci!!!!
7 years ago
ethangilmore (level 5) wrote:
Not only because of your instrumentation but also in the ways you guys play, you sound exactly like Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli from the early to mid 1900's.

Can't get enough of that Gypsy Jazz.
Great stuff.
7 years ago
rion (level 14) wrote:
YES! Loving the sound. Great music guys.
'Dede' reminds me of some kind of fun, comedic chase music. Love it.
7 years ago
DeeDee1 (level 32) wrote:
OOOOhhhh i fell in love with Moumoun beat, makes me happy!!
Tango Reinhardt is great also... heart!
7 years ago
mofotronica (level 6) wrote:
Why are so many french so good at classic jazz? You guys remind me of The Jazzticots, or the Reedwarmers, or maybe even 70s Grisman with the crazy string stuff.
8 years ago
nephi (level 26) wrote:
C'est vraiment beau ce que vous faites. On en veut encore!
8 years ago
aaronpixxx (level 19) wrote:
hey... I love your song "Tango Reinhardt"... great instrumental !!
8 years ago
Entchen25 (level 36) wrote:
Very good, indeed. And all instrumental! I don't have to rummage around in the spiderwebs of my brain for some long lost chunks of French, painfully acquired at school :-)
8 years ago
radhruin (level 20) wrote:
Wow, this is spectacular in so many ways. Tres bien!
8 years ago
Dwyndal (level 35) wrote:
love your music!
8 years ago
Louisa wrote:
You put a huge smile on my face :D
8 years ago
Scotch (level 29) wrote:
Bands like yours make me wish I could just auto-bump the songs as they are released, because they are so consistently good.
8 years ago
deSalire (level 33) wrote:
This seriously makes me want to get up and Lindy Hop. Very nice!
8 years ago
diecast (level 11) wrote:
Mark me down for an album as soon as they are ready!
Where do you guys hail from? Where do you play?
8 years ago
bprose (level 29) wrote:
Release more stuff :P
8 years ago
Caravan Quartet wrote:
EP will be available on Itunes and other stores soon
8 years ago
HiddenSanctuary (level 25) wrote:
Do you have a full CD or an EP available for sale yet?
8 years ago
shadowmoses (level 15) wrote:
Great work, I can see you doing soundtracks for movies in the future.
8 years ago