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(Prepare for impact)

We're on 8-1-5 in the sky
when we crash we survive
we ain't die, we are lost

It goes, Jin, James, Jacob
Jin, James, Jacob
Jin, James, Jacob
Jin, James, Jacob

Verse 1

I'm iller than you, realer than you
but you hate me
look into eye, ask me if I care
I'm the son of the sunshine
the man on the moon
the king of the world
the ruler of the girls
Make-up war paint off the plane
it's as plain as a time machine mane, uh
bullets will rain
no Sadam Hussein, just the black smoke monster
rasta, john locke imposter, hostage


Verse 2

Stuck on this land, I'm feeling stuck in my ways
I got a pain in my heart
I might just bleed on these keys
I need auto-start remote fob
just to wake up to job, every fucking day
every fucking day! ha
Mr. Ford, dhrama boy, karma boy
what you reep, you will sow,
white noise, white polar bear no snow
I know, I don't care, yeah
get me that shotgun
and keep it right there


Verse 3

Smoke another joint with the Drive Shaft Charlster,
talking to the dead, Hurley said
curly head, no water bed, dhrama bread
Juliette, Katie Baby, Sun and my Rose
Mister Echoes
I'm Ben, when my Linus will end
bring the Black Rock in
I can feel it my skin, Jarrah!
I'm here to win, took a flight back in
I'm a candidate 4,8
dot dot dot


Copyright 2010
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