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Mike Mangione & The Union

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For all info go to www.mikemangione.com
posted 6 months ago

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Strings and soul, Mike Mangione & The Union are a midwestern group who got both. When your sleeping, they are on your interstates, when your waking they are dreaming.
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wileysback (level 31) wrote:
Wow, that last track .... Just amazing.
3 months ago
Vertsanov (level 10) wrote:
Tnx! Great music
5 months ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
I wear out your CD's in my car....I just shuffle / random all of them. Can listen to MM&TU; all day long! Can't wait to watch U entertain the masses (& me )
6 months ago
rtfuller0119 (level 34) wrote:
I just found you for the first time and really like Cold Cold Ground. Great song!
6 months ago
SallySilvera (level 39) wrote:
Welcome back! :D
6 months ago
Apocalypse (level 36) wrote:
Mike, anything new in the works? This place needs a little of the soul that your music brings... Drop by, say hello, post a song :o)

6 years ago
jscheids (level 7) wrote:
beautiful music!
7 years ago
phurleysj (level 2) wrote:
"Endless." We all do need love to find us, again... and again. Diggin' the lyrics, the oooh's, and Tom Mangione's subtle electric guitar. Where can we purchase and download this one and "Wedding," gents?
7 years ago
Aldark (level 25) wrote:
I forgot just how kick ass this song is.
7 years ago
Rick Wood wrote:
Hey there Mike!
I was listening to Baggio really loud and then my wife says- "Hey, this sounds like something Seth would play"
She also says Hi.
8 years ago
grandesoreilles (level 30) wrote:
Love cello
Thanks for your great music
8 years ago
fredmontana (level 12) wrote:
Mike, congratulations on Baggio's Well making it to the home page. I really enjoy your music. It's nice to see you getting strong support. Best wishes.
8 years ago
BibiBallinger01 (level 15) wrote:
Oh my! Sally didn't tell me about you! You are really something! I am enjoying all of your music!
8 years ago
missi (level 16) wrote:
No problem, Mike. I suppose I'm just a bit whiney @ 3 a.m. :)
Love the tune. Thanks for sharing it.
8 years ago
missi (level 16) wrote:
Ok, i was just told the lost points get refunded.
8 years ago
missi (level 16) wrote:
Does that mean the song was uploaded, deleted and re-uploaded? Or a 61 bug, maybe? I hate that I lost all those points first bumping and multi-bumping due to a bug.
8 years ago
SallySilvera (level 39) wrote:
Oh well, one bump lost another one gained I guess
8 years ago
Mike Mangione & The Union wrote:
this is the tune loaded early
I was not really sure how this was going down..:) sorry
is it ok?
8 years ago
kemcfeely (level 29) wrote:
I like it too...thanks for clearing that up for me.
8 years ago
radhruin (level 20) wrote:
If you guys ever are around Minneapolis, be sure to let me know!

You have a physical CD for sale anywhere? Preferably CDBaby or similar?
8 years ago